Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - (Crabby) Birthdays at Green View!

The day my father turned 56.

Wah if I was born on the date I was dued to be out, I will be celebrating this date too! But what to do, mom said I couldn't wait to see the world, so I clawed my way out 3 days earlier..


See, my impatience can be traced back from the day I was born. No wonder I'm such an impatient person. LOL.

As usual we went out to celebrate our birthdays together (one day earlier actually, cause I feared that everywhere will be crowded if we were to celebrate on the actual date) at my dad's and my sister's favourite crab place:


My sister LOVES the salted egg crabs at Green View (located at the former Rothman's roundabout), so it was sort of a treat for her before going back to uni.

the hungriest of em all, who is also the fairest among us siblings wtf

invited Ika along! (and her bro too)

that's my oyaji/otousan for you

ahh that's better

I always dread going to Chinese restaurants, because I can never know how to order in Chinese. My parents would always nudge the waiter/waitress towards me because apparently among all of us, I knew Mandarin the best!

Luckily Ika was with us, so she helped until we were trying to decide how many types of dishes to have and I said I want 2 crab dishes, "no hang, no hang (two types)" and the uncle went,"AIYAH Hokkien lang ah? Ae sai kong Hokkienlah!"

HAHAHAHA *rolls on the floor*

So we ordered in Hokkien.

Thought of testing my Mandarin while ordering veges, when the uncle said sweet potato leaves I straightaway said,"ma ling su!" with confidence. Then the uncle went,"Bolah, fan su ye!" (my pinyin sure not correct one)


Uncle recommended salted egg pumpkin and it was damn good, especially hot! The hint of sweetness from the pumpkin really matches the salted egg (wtf food reviewer mode). Will order again!

Lalas that came that night were HUGE! Loved the curry leaves+baby shrimps+sauce. Oh I iz hungry again.

I love yam baskets, do you? When uncle suggested yam basket I straightaway said YES! Came with honeyed baby squids, which were a bit chewy, but still crunchy. It was my duty polishing this off. Hohoho. *over-carb-load alert*

I want choo again

Bro wanted marmite ribs, and they were good. I remember the sweet and sour pork at this place is equally good as well!

Now the star dishes!

Medium-sized Indonesian crabs! :D 2 crabs each, but enough for the eight of us!

The sweet and sour crabs came with fried mantous (buns). I wish they made the sauce less sweeter because the mantous were also sweet!

I always eat the claws, more meat! hahaha

Oh well, I reckon we will be going to Green View often, because we haven't found any other place that offers crab dishes as good as Green View. Oh, and the service is good too! Very fast in changing your plates when they're filled with nonsense (except for once when I went there and sat upstairs, damn slow service). The uncle who took our order was so friendly, and he gave us his card.

He's called Yong, although it's not the name on the card. LOL. Hahaha. Told us to call him if we want to eat there again.


Anyways, Happy Birthday dad. May you be blessed with good health and be happy always. I wish I could do more for you but I can't I'm still new in the working world, but if I get rich and famous, I'll buy you your dream car, kay?

But I think you'll be to damn old to drive it so it'll be mine!


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