Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hitting a Quarter.

I've been dreading today.

The day I turn 25.

The day I turn a quarter of a century.

I know I'm not the only one who have this feelings - I'm sure my peers felt the same when the day arrived for them (or maybe not!) and some who have yet to reach this number have already voiced out their worries.

what greeted me in the morning, which was hanging outside my door

The day pretty much passed by quickly. Was a bit lazy at work today because yesterday was a public holiday, and of course I was busy reading birthday wishes. And did a lot of thinking until I slacked at work.

all purple for the day, even my shirt was purple!

My first wisher on Facebook is my former Taekwondo instructor, who I've known since I was.. NINE????

*teary eyed*

Had lunch at Bumbu Desa at e@curve with my colleagues.

avocado juice

cumi (sotong) bakar

ayam cabe hijau (chicken with green chillies)

awesome sambal, which was not so spicy, unless you happen to eat the whole ones instead of the smashed ones

Got home and as usual the family held a celebration (sans brother :( ).

Tiger who got curious when we gathered at our dinner table


I'm not sure what my feelings are right now. I realised I've been emotionally screwed up ever since coming back from Seoul. I thought it must have been some weird withdrawal I'm having, but then it's getting wayyyyy out of hand.

My birthday wish is to be in Oita, Japan actually, because UVERworld's rocking a show right now! That would be an awesome birthday present.

(well that's one of my wishes, you can check my wishlist and feel free to contribute in any way if you're interested haha)

But I'm here, reading back all the wishes I've received, from close friends to unimates to ex-colleagues to batchmates to schoolmates and I remind myself to be content with my life.

Unfortunately, I'm not. I DON'T WANT TO LIE TO MYSELF.

Maybe it's the PMS???


I don't know. As time passes by, I'm getting more and more unsure about everything.

I wish for a lot of things right now, things that I'll never be able to have, not now, not even in the future (because they're a bit ridiculous since there's a lot of shits involved).

I feel like I'm running out of time but..

All I can give myself right now is some patience, perseverance and strength (and some will!) to go through this, before I can finally make the brave decision.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday.

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