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Korean Dream Part 5 - The Tree Street and COEX

(Still) 25th September 2011 - The Tree Street, Garosugil

We took a cab to Garosugil (Garosu street) and luckily we had an untalktavi taxi driver. No complaints there though! At least he was polite when he asked where we would like to be dropped off! :)

He dropped us at one end of the street and my my, each side of the street is lined with trees!

spot the couple (ah didn't get a chance to try Cafe Nescafe)

The trees that lines the street are supposed to be gingko trees, so I got in for a closer look

Not really sure if you can see it clearly, but it is indeed a gingko tree! :D First time seeing one, so a bit excited LOL

this is an entrance to a clothes shop


one of the many Kia cars we saw

risking our lives for this photo!

the cafe here is called a mug for rabbit

We walked til the other end of the street, and trackbacked. Here I wanna thank my two buddies for allowing me to experience SE7EN's restaurant, Yeolbong, eventhough we weren't hungry! :D *muah muah*

We ordered a main dish, some chicken in soy-saucy gravy, and told the waitress, "NO SPICY!" and got a bowl of rice with some condiments (mainly roe, seaweed and egg) on it.

Placed on the second floor of a shoplot, the restaurant is not that huge. There are round 3 tables on each sides, 4 tables in the center and maybe a few outside at the balcony. On that day the other patrons were mostly tourist from China! :O

Yeolbong's Wall of Fame (wtf terbalik 7 sign)

Mixing the rice in the leftover gravy, ohmygod you wouldn't imagine such a simple dish could be so delicious!

Yeolbong's (Chili) Tree of Fame, where photos of artistes who've visited Yeolbong before

Was so hoping to see the man himself but obviously luck was not on my side boo. Oh well, it was a nice (eating) experience anyways. Will go back again next time, maybe to the Gangnam branch (hope business is still good by then!)

since the owner was not in sight, shall be content with the life-size placard

Left Garosugil for the Seoul Arts Center.

one of the many plastic surgery ads at the station

Took the subway at Sinsa station (Line 3) until Nambu Bus Terminal, came out at Exit 5 and waited for the free shuttle bus. You can also take bus number 4429, but you need to pay for the journey.

It was a hot hot hot hot afternoon!

squinting in front of the Opera House

If you're wondering what Vitamin Station is..

Don't look forward to anything special..

'cause it's just an area where there's places to seat and rest, with a few cafes and vending machines.

our reaction after finding what Vitamin Station is all about

Nothing much to do at the center, so just randomly took loads of photos.

I think we stayed only for an hour until we couldn't take it anymore and took the bus back to the Nambu Bus Terminal station (Line 3) until the Seoul National University of Education station, changed to Line 2 to Gangnam station.

Stopped by COEX!

Had a break at Paris Baguette to try their stuffs.

the calling device which vibrates when your order is ready - comes with trailers and ads!

cute cup for the hot chocolate

As we were too full we didn't get anything to eat (or maybe Wenzy did I can't remember) but I must say, I was not impressed with what I had there... which I can't remember what it was wtf. A bit pricey too. Somehow Pascucci left a better impression.

Oh well maybe I should try again next time.


I keep marking places to try/go again next time (Yeolbong!) because I am planning to go Korea again. Currently the year chosen is 2014 because of the Asian Games in Incheon (planning with my cousin, not sure why we want to see sports in Korea), but I'm also interested to bring my parents to Jeju Island so.. we'll see how everything goes. But definitely not next year (hint: I want to go see UVERworld!).

wtf people with no lives LOL

Thought of lumping in my Lotte World photos here too, but I'll save it for the next postlah. Haha.



    sigh... i wanna go study there...

  2. haha when I was in Japan I also went to look at gingko tree. btw, happy belated birthday!!!


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