Sunday, November 06, 2011

Korean Dream Part 4 - Roaming aimlessly in Apgujeong

WeeN's note: Ohmy I have to break my 2nd day into a few posts too! Hmm. Sorry people. Haha.

25th September 2011

On the train to Apgujeong!

must have been reading something interesting, but I can't remember what!

From Myeongdong (Line 4), took the Line 3 at Chungmuro and headed straight to Apgujeong, exiting at Exit 2.

First stop, breakfast!

Continued walking, looking for the fashion street..



Actually we did nothing much in Apgujeong. We wanted to go to the rodeo street but we're not sure where it was and we weren't sure if we were on the right place! So we went into Nature Republic!

can't get the real ones, so these will dolah

accessories shop, FARMER, where we bought our friendship bracelets

I like this building!

I spotted a black MPV and my brain automatically analysed it as "ARTISTE'S CAR"! This has got to do with watching numerous episodes of Family Outing where usually the artistes will arrive the location shoot in this type of MPV, usually in black.

I guess Pakwan got curious too! (I think it was more of my excitement made her took photos too haha)

can you guess whose is this? It was parked outside a Japanese restaurant

Next up! The Garosu street, where I ate at SE7EN's restaurant! :P and maybe I'll throw in the Seoul Arts Center, COEX and Lotte World together too!

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