Saturday, October 29, 2011

Korean Dream Part 3 - Hongdae and the 1st dinner

24th September 2011

After washing up and NOT changing our clothes (LOL!), we headed out to Hongdae.

the two ladies who studied the subway system beforehand. i just followed LOL

From Myeongdong (Line 4), we went to Chungmuro and changed to Line 3 until Euljiro 3-ga, changed to Line 2 and stopped at Hongik University station.

We came out of the Hongik University exit, but we were quite lost for a while since we were supposed to be in a place with flea markets, instead we were greeted by buildings.

So we walked and walked and walked. Stopped by a mall (sorry, failed memory!), went into UNIQLO for a moment and continued walking until we saw some stalls on the verge of closing and we were like, "oh no, we're late!" so we just walked into the rows of building.

There was a stage set up at the Hongik art market and these two girls were doing some sketch which were very.. urm, I guess we didn't understand. They were having dialogues, making cat sounds (they really MEOW-ed I tell you) and some martial art moves..

We didn't buy anything from the market, there were some pretty stuff but a little expensive. I guess the fact that we have just arrived made us a little calculative and since we have a lot of more places to go in the coming days, we would just skip shopping there. The handmade jewelries were all pretty though!

So we searched for places to have dinner instead!

restaurant &.. PUP??!! the skewer is cute though

the peeing puppy drawing is so cute! i like the drawings at the wall behind as well

We walked for a long while, not being able to decide on what to eat. Most of the restaurants do not have English menus, so it was hard. Our plan was just to go into any restaurants which has photos on their menu and just point! Our stomachs just couldn't take it anymore so they dragged their respective owners to a restaurant. After looking at the photos on the menu outside (no English words! *horror*), we decided to just go in, and were brought upstairs.

Restaurants in Korea always always always serve you water, which is awesome!

wanted to try Korean-branded beer

We didn't know what to order, so we asked the waiter for suggestions. Luckily the chap was able to speak a little bit of English and he was damn helpful as well, so, win!

the side dishes. The taugeh/bean sprouts soup was bland - i mean it tasted like taugeh water! haha. I liked pickled radish (or was it water chestnut?) and the glass noodles was good too! The cabbage kimchi was good too.

We basically over-ordered. We weren't greedy, just hungry and eager to try stuff! :P Didn't expect the portions to be HUGE! The pork belly dishes is only the medium size, so I wonder how the large is like..

top left is pork belly with kimchi, veggies, etc. the belly slices were delicious! next to it is octopus+oyster pancake and other dish is cheese omelette. :)

the girl who must eat rice

full and tired faces

Ah, that's the restaurant, if you want to go. Our dinner was around KRW50,000, which is like RM150? Pricey (for our standards, but I think the dishes in Korea are priced similarly), but we should have ordered less. Haha.

After the dinner we decided to order only for two people whenever we eat.

On our way to Watsons

We stumbled upon a crowd gathering over something. When we joined it, we found out they were watching Garfield dancing to 2PM's Heartbeat!

listen to my heart beat (it's beating for you!)

wtf so cute one. When it did the shuffling I kept worrying if it was going to step over its tail and fall flat. But no, it ended the dance without any injuries.


Here's the original if you're curious (eh why am i promoting 2PM?)

Well that wraps up our first day in Seoul. Here's Part 1 and Part 2 for you! Will be back with more postings on my trip veryveryvery soon! :D

Next part: Apgujeong!


  1. OMG ANGELINE 나는 한국에 가고 싶어요!!!

  2. the peeing dog! LOLOLOLOL! but it's cute XDDDD
    I understand the horror of no English! you feel so... helpless (even if it's just because of menu) orz
    (for part 2) the taxi driver is just... you can't blame and complain to your customers! moreover if they're tourists *shakes head*

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