Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sandwiches are yum!

Especially the ones in The Haute Food Co., located at Block H, Plaza Damas.

Pakwan suggested to go there to plan our Korean trip iterinary, and luckily we ate before overusing our heads off for the planning.

Cause all of us ended up with headaches after squinting endlessly on the maps and reading stuff on our laptops.

at Starbucks Plaza Damas (photo by Pakwan)

I must applaud Wenzy and Pakwan for their hardwork - I just sat and pretend to study all the details when actually I wasn't concentrating.

I really have to work on my attention spanlah.

But to cover it back, I promised the girls that I'll check out on the food names, and maybe restaurants we should look out for. AND I'm gonna make sure we go to SE7EN's chicken restaurant, Yeolbong.

Now.. if only I can find the damn addresses.

Food photos, which were taken with my overabused E66. That's why they're a bit sucky without proper lighting.

Both sandwiches are delicious! Though we didn't quite fancy the rye bread chosen for the roast beef sandwich. Found the bread had a yeasty taste and a bit airy. Wenzy had the club sandwich which was good too. The chicken breast meat used was juicy and tender! :)

Had my sandwich with a glass of hot Golden Retriever - milk+caramel, not the dog, kay? Sweet, but tasty and sooooooo creamy *dreamy mode*

I'm definitely gonna go back there. Have yet to try their scones, cakes and coffee! I'm currently taking a break from coffee for a month or so I didn't try any of their coffee stuff.

Check out the menu: The Haute Food Co. menu

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