Thursday, September 01, 2011

How I spent my 2011 Merdeka Day

WeeN's note: I should sleep, but I'm NOT SLEEPY! AAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Woke up early and since it was the second day of Raya (and since it's a 3-day holiday for most of us) I gave no hoot about the date until I saw:

feel free to follow him


Damn ignorant, kan?

Takpelah, biar lambat asalkan tersedar.

Anyways, did nothing much. Had lunch, slept awhile before going out for dinner since Yng Jiun came down. I mean came up.

wore one of my new rings. superlove. been hooked on rings lately. oh just had to have Takuya∞ as the background. random fact: the dude has a mole under his left eye, just like BIGBANG's G-Dragon. Another similarity? They both composes most of the songs for their respective groups :O

lookie what I've found at The Gardens' Rock Corner! So expensive, I already have the regular edition of BIGBANG's album though (thank you Jesica) and I couldn't bring myself to buy these two. Was contemplating on getting 2NE1's album too, but then decided not to. Will spend on concert DVDs instead :P

We went to Dragon-i, located at Midvalley Megamall, beside The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

guess who?

I demandwish all Chinese restaurants would serve these braised nuts instead of the fried ones!

X.O.-chilli-dried prawns thingie yum yum. caution: NOT SPICY! (for me lah)

It was my first time ever eating in Dragon-i, was told that it's specialty is La Mien, and you can see the chefs pulling the noodle (la as in pull, mien as in noodles - wah my Mandarin so keng already *proud*) behind an area which is visible to diners.

Mun Yee ordered this. I'm not sure the exact name but it's basically simple la mien soup

As for me, I got greedy, I ordered the Szechuan La Mien which comes with pork chops. The pork chops were average for me, a bit salty to my liking. :/

The Szechuan version was not spicy for me as it was for Yen Lin, but I do enjoy the soup! I wish it was tad spicier and more sour. And I noticed that the noodles starch seeped into the soup, making it thicker! :O I wish the noodles were more springy though.

Yen Lin's la mien with pork ribs

some seafood tofu thingie with succulent prawns! yum! goes well with plain rice, surely

got greedy and ordered this scallion pancakes which tasted like roti canai LOL and yam pastries which were sooo gooodddddd. anything yam-my is good for me!

ahh. the famous xiao long bao. good, especially when eaten with the vinegar and ginger slices

winter melon+longan drink

durian pancakes!

we wanz more durian inside! and sweeter durian please!

guest of honour*muaks*

Didn't get to eat dessert (wait, then wtf are the durian pancakes for???!!!) so before going home I dropped by Starbucks for some iced green tea latte. Those who follow me on tumblr should know I'm on a coffee ban (for some reasons, which are not to say, so crucial for my life) so no caramel macchiato for me!

So that's how I spent my 31st of August this year, how bout choo? *winks*

Although it's already the 1st of September, but still:


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  1. I spent my holidays working. FML. :( but it was good. at least i'll get extra money end of the month...


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