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One of the Japanese bands that I've been listening to nowadays a lot is UVERworld, a band which I started liking years ago but did not pay attention as much as Orange Range at that time.

And by know I'm pretty sure that all of you have a gist that I'm starting to enjoy UVERworld's stuff even more so, after a series oh googoogagaing over K-pop.

The first song that I like from UVERworld is second debut debut single, CHANCE! which I would always sing along to (doesn't matter if I sing correctly or not) whenever it's on. And I particularly like this line:

Time is precious! No matter when, I'll shine for the one I love

It's a very sweet line, and everytime I sing along I'll always have a smile on my face Ihavenoideawhy.

After that I followed their stuff, but didn't pay much attention. Until recently I was bored of K-pop so I thought of watching some live videos from the band. Someone uploaded some clips from their recent DVD, LAST Tour Final at Tokyo Dome and I was so wow-ed by the performances!

the layout of the audience, which I strongly feels it resembled their logo below:

I like how they set the stage: there's a smaller square stage connected to the main one and during certain songs they performed in the middle, which is good cause the audience in the middle get to see them close by too!

I iz jealous.

Now I reallly feel like watching them live.

Anyways, a little about the band. Made up of five dudes (or six, if you count the saxophonist, Seika in) who come from the same place. Two of them have been friends since kindergarten!

TAKUYA∞​ - vocals, programming

He composes and writes the lyrics for most of their songs.

best hairstyle, EVER! imo

克哉, Katsuya - Guitar, Leader

he looks so good here but sometimes I really wonder who chooses what he wear on stage cause, they're a bit weird. i.e. blazer+nomadic shorts and boots WTF

looking good in the glasses but the hair is.. -_-

彰, Akira - Guitar, Programming, the youngest a.k.a Goat because of his beard

He reminds me a lot of Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo cartoon. I don't know why. Must be the slouch. Hoho.

One of the reasons why I like this band is the combination of sounds produced by the two guitarist, which often produce really beautiful melodies. I mean, I especially lovelovelove when they play at the neck.


信人, Nobuto - Bass, friends with TAKUYA∞​ since kindie years

He reminds me of a cartoon character too!

I think he looks more like Shaggy than Akira! :P

真太郎, Shintarou - Drum, tallest of the team, second youngest

I'm not sure how I would define their sound. Initially it was like J-rock infused with hip-hop, and most of their songs had a lot of raps. It's not typical J-rock, sometimes it goes a little V-rock style when TAKUYA∞​ does the vibrato-effect with his voice in some live performances. And he can beatbox, complete with the scratching and screeching effect wtfsoawesome. And how he can use different ranges of vocals in one song.. phwoar.

They do use English in their songs, sometimes hearing the English lines makes me cringe/wanna curl up, but most of the time the grammar used is correct. TAKUYA∞ needs to work on the pronunciation a bit more.

You can find snippets of their song in animes like BLEACH, The Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist), BLOOD+; the drama Dandori: Dance Drill, Gundam etc.

Their debut single, D-Technolife is used as the second opening for BLEACH. I have a love-hate relationship with the song, but I pretty much like it when performed live. :P

Releases (I'm just gonna touch the albums, not singles):
  1. Timeless (2006)
  2. BUGRIGHT (2007)
  3. Proglution (2008)
  4. AwakEVE (2009)
  5. LAST (2010)
  6. Life 6 Sense (2011)

I'll try writing reviews when I'm free I feel like it.

But suffice to say, I really wanna watch this band live, hope to do so next year!

Anybody wants to join me? :D

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