Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happiness comes in a package

.. from Japan!

The UVERworld concert DVDs arrived in one week, and what a hell of a week it was for me waiting for them to arrive! :P I visited Pos Malaysia's website everyday just to track my package!

Glad to see that the DVDs were packed in a sturdy box and sealed very neatly - the DVDs were bubble-wrapped and wrapped with another layer of paper.

ありがとうございます、CDJAPAN! You made my first purchasing experience a good one!

*cues HyunA's Bubble Pop!* "bubble bubble bubble pop! bubble bubble pop pop!"



UVERworld 2008 Premium Live at Nippon Budokan (performed on December 5th, 2008)

  • Opening
  • 凛句/Rinku
  • 激動/Gekidou - AwakEVE album
  • 儚くも永久のカナシ/Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi - AwakEVE album
  • Burst - Timeless album
  • = - SHAMROCK single
  • just Melody - Timeless album
  • Document1~backstage story~
  • Beat Box Takuya did some beatboxing, it was damn awesome. i mean i knew he could, but it was damn good seriously. i mean, how many vocalist of a band does beatboxing anyways?
  • ~流れ・空虚・THIS WORD~/~Nagare・Kūkyo THIS WORD~ - BUGRIGHT album
  • over the stoic - 恋しくて/Koishikute single
  • 君の好きなうた/Kimi no Suki na Uta - BUGRIGHT album
  • SORA i must admit, it's the first time i'm hearing it LOL
  • Document2~dream goes on~
  • D-Technolife (mixed edition) - Timeless album, their debut single, used as BLEACH's 2nd opening This mixed edition performance is actually the performance at the concert, mixed with some scenes of them performing this song at other concerts/shows
  • Nitro - Timeless album
  • Energy - PROGLUTION album
  • シャカビーチ~Laka Laka La~/Shaka Beach~Laka Laka La~ - PROGLUTION album
  • CHANCE! - Timeless album, their 2nd single
  • Roots - PROGLUTION album such an awesome performance

  • UVERworld LAST Tour Final at Tokyo Dome (performed on November 29th, 2010)

    After watching a few performances off this DVD on some sites, my interest in the band is re-ignited and I realised their new releases are so good! So I decided to listen back to the band's stuff that I've kept in My Music folder but only touched once a while. :P


    Disc 1

  • NO. 1 - Life 6 Sense album awesomelah this song, the satisfaction on Takuya∞'s face = priceless "love love love love love psychic"
  • D-technolife
  • 激動/Gekidou
  • Burst
  • 儚くも永久のカナシ/Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi
  • バーレル/BARREL - LAST album
  • the truth - LAST album
  • YURA YURA - awakEVE album
  • クオリア/Qualia - Life 6 Sense album
  • 君の好きなうた/Kimi no Suki na Uta acoustic style. love all their guitars, even Nobuto's look so pretty!
  • 真太郎/Shintaro solo talk+Drum solo
  • over the stoic
  • 若さ故エンテレケイア/ Wakasa Yue Entelekheia - Qualia single
  • GO-ON - LAST album
  • just Melody
  • 99/100騙しの哲/Damashi no Tetsu - awakEVE album
  • 神集め/Kami Atsume - PROGLUTION album
  • Energy
  • 6つの風/Muttsu no Kaze - Life 6 Sense album

  • Disc 2

  • CHANCE! gah, this is like my favourite UVERworld song evah! I always love it when they perform this song! And I can sing along to it haha
  • スパルタ/SPARTA - LAST album
  • GOLD - LAST album, the first Japanese 3D music video produced
  • Roots
  • DISCORD emotional performance
  • ENDING MONDO PIECE was played after the band left the stage on the screen monitor, with the lyrics and photos of the band flashing, I see fans crying, cause the lyrics are really sweet :')
  • Special - Backstage invitation interviews, preparation leading up to the concert, and scenes backstage after the concert. Takuya∞ hugged all the other members - Akira, Nobuto, Seika (although he's like not officially a member, but I feel he should just be! Or maybe there's a reason why he's not, but he's been with them so looooong), when he got to Shintarou you can see he started crying and when he got to Katsuya leaderさん, I think he just lost it

  • I've watched both, I can't decide which I like more! The band is really awesome on stage and Takuya∞'s voice is just so amazing. There's a lot of improvement since their debut, so I think this is a band worth following.

    I'm going to try to catch their 2012 tour next year. Hope they'll announce ASAP so that I can book the flight tickets and get someone who know Japanese to help me purchase the ticket. I really wanna hear CORE PRIDE live! And of course I wanna sing along to CHANCE! And NO.1 is a must! So that I can sing along to "love love love love psychic"

    *prays hard that next year's plan will happen*

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