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BLOCKBuster hit?

WeeN's note: currently watching City Hunter starring flower boy Lee Minho and cutie pie Park Min Young!

Ahhhh. When was the last time I spoke of a new K-pop group idol I simply adore? *thinks back*

Hmmm. After B2ST, I haven't been bothered about checking new (or old) K-pop groups (or idols) because non impressed me as much as BIGBANG and B2ST. I can name them of course, but then if you ask me more I'll definitely go, "err.."

So when there's this new idol group debuted (which was supposed to be a huge hoohoohaha because they're produced by Cho PD, I mean I don't know who Cho PD is btw, should be famousla but I don't know okay? He'll be known as Block B's boss to me).

Okay, yeah Block B.

The first time I saw their MV, 그대로 멈춰라! (Freeze/Don't Move), I was so turned off by their outfits LOL. (Yeah I hated B2ST Bad Girl MV outfits too! But I love the song, I wish they wore what they wore in the Japanese version MV. Hurmmm.)

from the Brand New Stardom (their company's) channel

So many thoughts were running through my head while I watched the vid:
  • The song is catchy but the dance moves were a bit.. errrr? like, what's up with the punching moves?
  • gah!!! what's with the overwhelming use of eyeliner/shadows?
  • oooooo that is one pretty boy!
  • chorus is good, that dude has a nice voice
  • why got Naruto character sesat in this group? (obviously referring to the dude with the poofed up ponytail)
  • whattt??? didn't Junhyung wore that clothes before while promoting Mystery? and his mouth while rapping, same like Junhyung's
  • uh-oh, T.O.P voice-a-like? what is this???
  • rap verses are good, that guy can rap

  • Then they released 가서 전해 (Tell Them).

    from the Brand New Stardom (their company's) channel

    I thought it is good song. A happy song, which can make you bounce up and down. The rap verses are great and even the bridges and chorus are good. I can't stop listening to it daily. I'll be singing this in the car and keep repeating throughout my whole journey to work and back. That's how infectious this song is to me. So eventually they made a place in my heart LOL

    Wtf my 3rd favourite K-pop male group. And it starts with the letter B too!

    B-Bomb, Park Kyung, Zico, Jaehyo, P.O., U-Kwon and Taeil. They're all 1990-ers wtf so young

    Their style is more hip-hop than the usual K-pop, with 3 rappers (Zico, Park Kyung and P.O.). The one who sounds like BIGBANG's T.O.P. is P.O., who is actually the youngest (wtf how come his voice can sound so old, and he's into acting too!). He had such hard time will all the critics because of the similarity, but there's nothing much people can do because his voice IS really deep even when he speaks! What? You want him to undergo operation to change his voice ah?? Crazy. If he's born with it, then it shall always be his rights to have that voice. I'm sure there are other people who sounds the same.

    Zico is the leader, who also produces their songs. People might compare him to BIGBANG's GD but I think he has his own class. Park Kyung does some of the rap-making (i think it means, composing the rap parts) and he and Zico had been doing stuff together prior to their debut. Go check some out, very the hardcore.

    I'm not sure when was this released, but this is their version of Miss $'s Over, titled It's Not Over. It doesn't have all the Block B members in it, so maybe this was before the line-up for the group is confirmed? But I like it a lot.

    B-Bomb and U-kwon are the dancers and subvocalists in this team, while Jaehyo serves as the pretty one (and subvocalist)! I like his voice in Tell Them. Taeil is the main vocalist, the one with the best voice! U-kwon is the cute-smiling type, you know the kind that will light up people's lives by smiling? Seriously very adorable! His favourite dance moves remind me of those of TVXQ's U-know Yunho (eh why name like same), you know when he does the whole body rough shaking thingie wtf am i saying but i hope you'll understand.

    Dancing-wise, I think the boys have a lot more to practise. I think they themselves acknowledge their limited dancing skills but so far I like the choreography in Tell Them. And the "wave" in Freeze lol.

    They released a mini-album, Do You Wanna B? which consists of Wanna B, Freeze! and a sort of hip-hop-balladish 나만 이런거야? (Is It Only Me?). Then they released New Kids on the Block which has those 3 songs, Tell Them, the very hardcore Halo, idol-music-like U Hoo Hoo and instrumental versions of Freeze! and Tell Them, which actually sound very good, and very.. urm different without the vocals. So go check them out ya?

    I am pretty sure if they come down to Malaysia I will go watch them! Heehee.

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