Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unboxing The Sun

I want to blog about my birthday but i'm gonna give way for this:

You know I have stopped spending on CDs cause I find them unnecessary so it's a huge surprise when my two sisters gave me a bag containing Taeyang's SOLAR album (International version). I sorta of squealed/screamed (oh such a fangirl, aint i?).

Feel a bit bad because it must have costed them their allowances so THANKYOUVERYMUCHMYADIKS!

So here are the photos, for your pleasure(s), regardless of whoever you are. Enjoy.

FRONT. OH hye handsome!

BACK. Oh got DeeVeeDee!

Open the top lid to reveal:

what's that? Looks like a namecard LOL

damn sayang want to scratch that

the booklet

keep in touch



My NATURE REPUBLIC haul since we went to Berjaya Times Square:

daymn the salesgirl's good!

oh hello handsome! (I should give this to Yng Jiun.. hmmm..)

So to repay their kindness, I brought them to Kimchi at Tropicana City Mall, a place my sister frequented (the manager recognises her!). I myself went there twice before. It's a good place, not crowded all the time :D and service is good! But I've yet to try their grilling stuff.

the refillable side dishes, though not as much as Daorae

i ordered this spicy beef stew, but i don't find it spicy! lighter than kimchi jigae, with egg, filled with beef, mushrooms, tanghoon and etc., comes with rice

their version of mixed rice (or i dare say nasi kerabu!)

pro at work chewah

ready! simple yet addictive

kimchi stew *hearts* not enough kimchi? take some from the banchan and throw it in!

Is definitely visiting this place again because it's not heavy on the wallet definitely. :D

That's all folks! Leaving you with Taeyang's You're My+I Need A Girl MV! :D

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  1. you're welcome. ;P
    glad you love it. i know how much you love Taeyang. :D


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