Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Blabs #3/2010

1. Tiger's back

Just a few days after my last post, my brother found Tiger!

lazing on mom's carpet as though he had never left

Came out of my room to go to work to be greeted with a "Meow" by him which made me so happy that I gave him a bowl of milk although I was in a rush.

But the fella as usual damn lansi didn't want to drink! Pfft.

He was dirty and thin :( but is recovering! :) Luckily he wasn't injured or anything, he's a bit of a scaredy cat (pun intended) cos he freaks out at almost everything so i don't think he dared to cari pasal (find fault?) with other fellow cats.

"i was too cool for them" yeah right

outside looking in pfft so emo

Welcome back, you darn cat.

2. MASTERMIND made me go "OoOoOoOooooooo"

Jesica got herself B2ST's latest mini album, MASTERMIND and brought it over to the house. I've never thought of buying the album - I'm the kind who would rather spend on live concerts DVDs, which explains the only item I own of BIGBANG is their BIG SHOW 2009 DVD which I (unconsciously) bought last year (or was it this year?). Other stuff I splurged on were my collection of Orange Range goodies (ohmy when i read back that post i'm awed)

Anyways, yeah MASTERMIND.

the front, i like the shiny-ness. and it's sort of a change since it's not the boys themselves on the front cover

When you open it up...

the booklet front

Besides lyrics, the booklet contains a lot of droolworthy photos of the boys. Andandand I found out that Junhyung is one of the lyrics writers for Soom and one of the composers for Mastermind. Awesome. I'm not sure if the other boys contributed cos I cant remember how their names in Korean look like teehee.

Should i? :P

(Sorry for the not awesome photo qualities, my E66 camera fails me. i'm dreaming of the N8 but sadly.. T___T i need to save up for it)

3. So long, farewell

In a span of 7 months, I had two different direct supervisors. The first one left on my second month of working, got promoted and became a head of a unit and the current one had his last day on Friday. He too got promoted.

not his age

Am I being proud for thinking that I bring luck to anyone who holds the post?


But bad luck to the unit cos kept changing boss haha.


Thank You Boss!

4. Dream house?

Ever since I started working, getting my own place to stay has been one of my dreams. I plan to move out from my parents place because I want to enjoy my freedom before settling down with someone. :P

I don't want a big house, a small condo/apartment unit is sufficient. Not more than 2 rooms - 1 master bedroom for myself and 1 room as a walk-in wardrobe sounds awesome enough.

Example (Wedgewood Residences, Mon't Kiara):

Living room

high on ice-cream


Bedroom with attached bathroom

i wonder what the kids did the night before hmm hmm

i love bathtubs. my house must have one!

big mirror is a must!

View outside

swimming pool yeeaaaaahhhh

can see Solaris!

Overall, not a bad place. I would prefer something smaller though (easier to maintain and clean). The only potong stim thing is..

i dont want to see toll booths/cars/roads when I go to my balconylah

Must start saving~

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