Friday, October 08, 2010

Random Blabs #2/2010

*salutes bloggers who update often*

But I tweet almost everyday, so.. *pats own self*

* * *

Malacca-PD Trip on Malaysia Day

Yes I went to Malacca again! And went to Jonker Street AGAIN! LOL betul.

co-driver and driver in car no. 1 with an annoying GPS device it almost drove me nuts

car no. 2

Had chicken rice balls (again!) but had it in another place recommended by Pak Wan.

tourist-style photo, a must

I'm still not a fan of chicken rice balls. I guess my tastebuds don't like them.

Ironic that we took this photo. Earlier before we had lunch we were actually laughing at a bunch of girls doing exaggerated poses at the same spot. -__-

me spoiling the photo, thank god there's Pak Wan to balance it. sorry ya guys, she's taken

i'll visit this place again for its

nyonya assam laksa; and

various type of ais kacang

Happiest purchase of the day for these people:

orgasm-inducing hair/scalp massager wtf

Went off to Port Dickson after that.

caught eating keropok!

ex-prefect, ex-school-mag-editor, ex-prefect

Jumping shots frenzy!

seriously don't know when Yamesh appeared





i can't remember the name of the resort


berkejar-kejaran ala Hindustan movie

We just lazed around, people-watched (especially those on banana boat and urm what you call that water ride where a boat pulls you on a raft and try to make you fall? whatever) until some of us decided to get wet.

Ah. Should go somewhere with my friends againlar.
Surprisingly I'm sick of work already, 6 months into it.
Everytime I came back from any short holiday I would dread going to work the next day.
Oh well.

One at a time, WeeN. One at a time.

searching for beautiful days

** some photos are stolen from Anushia Vijay's FB.

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