Saturday, October 16, 2010

and now i pronounced you as husband and wife.

No wedding bells for me fortunately (yes you didn't read wrongly nor i used the wrong word) for now.

My cousin recently got married to a Taiping lass and I was glad to be part of a small, yet wonderful celebration.

A day after Malaysia Day me and my family drove off to Taiping after dad and sis came back from work/school respectively.

i took off days because i was superhardworking during Raya holidays wtf puji diri sendiri


sad case

another sad case(s)

look at Bryan's hand, he's trying to push Aunt Jesica away LOL

The next day.

Groom left for the bride's house without any girls from our side!


Apparently he was told that girls from our side were not allowed to be there and as we are not used to the tradition we just followed and stayed at the homestay.


So sadlah I missed out on the whole groom/heng dai bullying cheh rupe-rupenye kena tipu.

Hi, I'm here for your daughter *timids*

Cili padi on chips? Pfffffffft. Small matter for us Kelantanese lah!

put foot in a basin of ice? aiyah mou man tai!

wah angpao somemore? you people dunno i work in Peace Hill issit?

tea-serving to bride's parents


i really like this photo, my ah sou looks so pweeettttyyy (psst extra notes in my angpao next year ah)

At Flemington Hotel, near Lake Garden

eldest grandchild with younger ones

sorry but spoiling photos with ugly faces is a bad habit of mine, i need a therapist

ah ee got smiley eyes!

she was my grandparents' youngest grandchild until 5 years ago hahaha

The event ended with some of our aunts crying suddenly so it was like "awww..."

Initially planned to go back KL that night itself but then everyone agreed to stay another night and the bride's family treated us to dinner. I didn't bring extra nice clothes so i wore my dress again pfft.

i was trying to coax Bryan into my arms but he refused! so had to resort to singing. we were really singing MBLAQ's Y and he was so happy.

But still refused to let me carry him. cis.

wahlau i got shot by a paparazzi kononnya


We stayed at a bangalow (somewhere in Kampung Boyan or something like that) with 4 rooms equipped with airconditioners and 2 bathrooms. Has TV with VCD/DVD player, sofa set, dining table. Not bad at RM250++. No stove though. If not sure perfect.

2 weeks later, we had the wedding ceremony on our side. It's like a big celebration - apparently 500 cards were sent out and they weren't enough. Somehow everyone is related to one another. Now you'll get a gist of how us Kelantanese Chinese celebrate weddings!

she's a grandaunt! hahaha and i'm an aunt wtf

fellow November baby

Darren wearing my hairband

I look a bit exhausted here because I was busy tackling Darren's questions while waiting for the arrival of the groom and the bride. The conversation went mostly like this:

Darren : When is the bride arriving?
Me : In a while
Darren : Where is she?
Me : Kota Bharu
Darren : Why is she in Kota Bharu?
Me : *10 seconds of speechlessness* because she's staying there?
Darren : Why is she not here yet?
Me : *speechless* because she's still in Kota Bharu?
Darren : Why Kota Bharu? Why isn't she from Kuala Lumpur?
Me : err.. (ohmygod this kid)
Darren : Is she driving?
Me : No
Darren : Whhhhhyyy?
Me : *sweats*
Darren : Why isn't she here yet?
Me : *takes his hand and led him back towards the house*


poor heels

The view from my maternal grandparents' house, which was featured here

this photo made me go "awwwwww..."

tea-serving, 1st in list: mother!


groom's father's side


followed by countless numbers of people from groom's mother's side!

ah pek kong

granduncle and grandaunt


da ku (priceless expression!) and da kim

i don't know who these two fellas are heehee

er ku and er kim

uncles, aunts and cousins with their spouses

To tell you the truth, the photos of relatives being served tea above are not even half of the extensive list of relatives being served! Definitely more than 20 pairs of couples including those not even directly related! Luckily the couple only had to kneel down for only some relatives (mother and grandparent's specifically).

Which reminds me this will be the scenario when I get married. I still have a great-grandmother (my father's side, bless her, hope she'll still be around when i get married), 3 pairs of grandparents and their siblings, 3 uncles and an aunt (mother's side) while 3 aunts and 5 uncles (dad's side) and not forgetting granduncles/aunts, parents' cousins, my married cousins and distant relatives. I must apologise to my future husband now. Haha.


younger siblings serving tea

cousins serving tea

Eh me and youngest sis also got serve tea but nobody took photos of us I damn sad now T___T but at least I appear in here:

(currently) youngest cousins serving tea! so cute these two were so shy their voices were barely audible when they said, "Koter, Ah Sou lim teh~". Carelin avoided the couple's eyes most of the time! haha

Where iz my angpao? *clenches fist*

as usual la. Bryan made to dance to Y again

aish dontla i shy2 wan

i really like this photo! I think my grandfather is really proud that he's already had his first great-grandson! 4th generation!

i just had to leave this photo of me eating here to remind me how happy i was being back in my hometown. that is one of the reasons why even when my father retires, i will not follow them back to my hometown because i will not get to experience the balik kampung thrill anymore!

But now my father said he wants to stay back in KL because,
"we want to be close to all of you"
Fug why must he say like that made me sad almost all the way driving back to KL.

Oh well who's next in line?
*hint hint*

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