Sunday, August 15, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa ver. 2010

WeeN's notes: B2ST's Yang Yoseob as banner. Beautifully captured by REALIST. With a line from G-Dragon's A Boy.

It's that time of the year again.

A time when Muslims (and some non-Muslims) would abstain from any sort of food from the time the sun rises til it sets.
A time when the abundance of various types of kurma make my mother squeal in excitement.
A time when you can see almost all the supermarkets/hypermarkets/pasars filled with sellers promoting their biskut rayas.
A time when Ramadhan bazaars are the (in) places to be.

It's the Ramadhan month folks.
And true to myself, I have yet to manage to fully puasa for just a day.

Tak bolehlah. I promise I'll try one day though. But puasa makan only okay? I can't function without water seriously. Water deficiency makes me crazy. Besides cracking my lips and hurting my throat. :P

I seriously salute those who can wake up superearly like, 0300 hours just to prepare food for sahur. The first day of working puasa day I woke up an hour earlier because I had to reach office earlier, I practically bawled my eyes out.

Like, "uhuhuhuhu why do i have to go to work *cries*"
(and this was after taking two days off, so I had a four-day weekend)

Anyhoos, some pictures from July. Just to picture-fied the blog and make myself happy teeheehee.

These are from my trip up north to send my sister to UUM. We stopped by Ipoh for early lunch because my father was craving for chicken rice! Hohoho.. Sorry can't remember which Wong restaurant this is.

we don't get fat taugehs (bean sprouts) in PJ

pork balls soup! better than the one here in PJ

steamed/boiled chicken


We spent a night in Alor Setar, and went to an open food court for dinner. I can't remember the attached restaurant name, Lucky Seven or Top Seven or something like that. But we had Thai food! :D

their version of ikan asam pedas. the fish was fried first before served with the broth. i tell you the broth is damn addictive!


seafood otak-otak in coconut. too coconut-milky.

Next morning in UUM:

If you wonder what's the obssession with her room number, well it's because it also happens to be our house number. FREAKY WEH.

Anyhows, she's darn lucky compared to when I first entered uni. She's sharing a room with another girl, and, get this, BRAND NEW FURNITURES!

yellow study-table

yellow bed with drawers underneath wtf

yellow wardrobe. during my time i had like, half of her space???

apa ni jealous already. hmmph!

Hope she's enjoying her uni life though! :D i had my time, now its hers!

some ice desserts @ snowflakes, near Asia Cafe

and an eye candy parked at office parking space one fine day which made me go greeeeeeeeeeeeen in envy.



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