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BRIAN 1st Fanmeet in Malaysia @ The Opera, Sunway Pyramid, July 10 2010

WeeN's notes: superdelayed as usual. blogging drive, where have you gone missing?

Exactly 2 weeks after B2ST held their first showcase in Malaysia, another K-pop artiste whose name started with the letter B had decided to drop down in Malaysia as well.

Brian Joo, a member of K-pop duo Fly to the Sky released his second solo album Manifold at the end of 2009 after the group announced that they were going on a hiatus (as a duo) after 10 freaking years! :O lama tuh.

Personally I am a fan of Fly to the Sky. When I first heard Missing You, I was like "whoa this fellas are awesome!" and at that time I was into J-pop so they reminded me of Chemistry. But my ultimate favourite song is definitely My Angel.

I found out about this event from.. the man himself (the wonders of twitter) and told my sister and my cousin about it but I was not sure I would want to go because the passes were expensive (we wanted the RM248 ones because can get handshake wtf) but suddenly B2ST's event popped into the picture and the rest is history.

Only like a week before the fanmeet I asked my cousin if she really wanted to go, and she went, "ok i'll go if you want to go". what a great help she was. =___=

Without putting much thought I banked in the money to the organisers and yeah, that's how we ended up watching Brian that day.

Location-wise, I was happy because it was nearer to home at I can rush back from the event to catch B2ST Documentary on MTV at 7pm. Hohoho.

Went there around 12 something, had lunch and went to redeem the passes around 1 hour before the show. Got goodie bag yeay!

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with these stuff. Honestly I stopped putting up stuff on my wall because my room is attracted to dust or dust is attracted to my room easily. Hmmph.

my partner-in-crime, Jesica

This is me MMS-ing my sister, who already went to UUM at that time. Come to think of it, budak, did you get the MMS?

They allowed us into the hall around 10 minutes before the show (thank goodness, I was still traumatised by B2ST's one) but the show only started around 10 minutes after 3pm.

fed with these before the show started

selca attempt

Oh what else to say but the show finally started with Brian coming out with 2 dancers. Unfortunately I can't remember what was the first song. T________T

As usual pictures to make up for the lack of words! :D

4 lucky fans got invited up to the stage where they unrolled a piece of paper each. Each paper noted what Brian will do to them.

From left, the first girl got Brian dancing sexily to her. Haha. She looked so young so I'm not sure if she was happy or horrified, cos Brian's sexy dance is a bit.. uh.. out of this world haha. The next girl got hugged by Brian and the one after that got to hug Brian. For the last girl, Brian did some aegyo, including the lie-on-the-floor-kick-your-leg-and-place-hands-under-chin-aegyo post that he did a lot of times on TV shows before.

emcee for the event was Baki, who was also at the B2ST showcase! Lucky fella lah. Do you know he can speak Mandarin? Malu saya.. :'/

This girl won a contest, where participants were required to design a poster for the fanmeet.

All in all, I was quite satisfied with the event, although I wished for it to be longer. Ended way before 5pm, but the VVIP ticket holders and contest winners got to party with him afterwards.

Sorry I can't remember what else he sang besides My Girl, In My Head (English AND Korean versions), Tears Run Dry, Don't Go (from The Brian. But he sang one Fly to the Sky song! but I can't remember the title. T_________________T sorry Brian.

I felt bad that I didn't bother to really listen to his 2 albums before attending the event, so I was a bit lost in singing along. As I've said before, I'm a Fly to the Sky fan, not a Brian fan OR a Hwanhee fan.

I like them better when they're together.

But it was good. The interaction with fans was better than B2ST's (not to say B2ST's fanservice wasn't good) because he can speak English and he made everyone laughed a lot. He even apologised for speaking too much.

Eh, I forgot to say what's the highlight for the event hor? It's this:

thanks to Rhythm Land

Initially I thought we the VIP ticket holders get to shake hands with him only, until they called out for the VIP (seating ones) ticket holders to move line by line for a photo session. We, the Rock Zoners (standing) started asking for the same thing (because some were told that we were entitled for it since the price of the tickets were same) and voila!

Two lines before my line, the fans started hugging Brian and he obliged. So... yeah..

I hugged Brian Joo!

At first I hesitated (last in my line to do so) because I just wanted to shake hands but he open his arms and bent down.. and the rest is history.

I didn't remember what else I said besides, "Thank you" and "Welcome to Malaysia" but I will always remember his "Thank you"

and the hug for sure.


Now, what and when is my next K-pop even eh?

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  1. lol. I didn't reply the MMS ah? XD I did receive it, but I forgot whether I replied it or not. ;P

    Omg. So nice to meet Brian. He's really a fun person. O_o; And I know him first before TVXQ. agree with you though, I still prefer FTTS than them as solo.

    nyaah~ the hug is the best part. so lucky. if only i could hug B2st. *pouts* even the singaporeans got to high-five with them.


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