Saturday, July 17, 2010

B2ST "Shock of the New Era" Autograph Session @ One Utama, June 27 2010

*updated on July 20, 2010 with pictures I wanted to post but forgot*

Wahsey two posts on B2ST back-to-back I've never done this for BIGBANG worrr.

* * *

Apart from the showcase, an autograph session was also organised as a part of B2ST's visit to Malaysia.

Were there around 3pm, my sister rushed to S&J to buy gifts for Junhyung and Hyunseung while I ended up buying snacks for the boys.

Seriously I didn't know what got into me.

I bought six (6) kinder buenos (not the normal ones but the white chocolate ones) and 6 bottles of sunkist orange juice.

Like seriously.

I'm such a fangirl! *squeals*

I didn't go up to get the autographs though, cos I gave my CD to my youngest sister (yes I am a good jiejie). As much as I wanted to get another copy (bcos only CDs will be signed) I thought I shouldn't be stupid cos we don't need 3 same CDs at home.

Tetapi ada sedikit regretlah.

So I became the photographer.

Doojoon, Hyunseung, Kiwi (Kikwang), Yoseob, maknae Dongwoon and Junhyung

kanak-kanak riang gembira lining up

Bunch of photos I took when I rushed up to the higher floor, thinking I could get better view instead of trying to tiptoe myself up.

They had an early celebration for Doojoon's birthday as well.

sorry Hyunseungie got only half of your face i AM not Yoseob-biased, just bad at photography LOL

smiling Kiwi!

mentang-mentang dah dekat tersengih dengan lebarnya budaks ini

ini lagi hebat

there is something really pretty about this Jang Hyunseung

i love cute moments like this

Junhyung ah! So cute what when you smile! Those cheeks! *geram*

And that's it! So sad the photos are not of good quality but oh well.

an attempt to make Junhyung laugh more and a i-only-know-Yoseob-but-not-the-others Yoseobie fan who spazzed when Yoseob smiled at her

a B2UTY who was captivated by Junhyung and Hyunseung although she's a fan of Kiwi during his AJ days

zee autographed CD

B2ST's very own Junhyung uploaded these on his twitter:

aigo so cute maknae and Yoseob

okay gonna leave you with a ballad from the boys: Easy (Sincere version), a song that I was quite surprised to hear from them because I didn't expect them to sing sad ballads.

NEXT UP: Brian Joo 1st Fanmeet in Malaysia (unfortunately not so immediate because I STUPIDLY left my camera at home and waiting for pictures from Jesica's camera)


  1. :D another unforgettable day. aaaah. if they come again, u better don't miss taking autograph from them!! Junhyung's chubby face<3 maybe that's why he refused to smile. he's afraid he would look chubbier? XD

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