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B2ST "Shock of the New Era" Exclusive Showcase in Malaysia June 26, 2010

Never thought that I would be back, do you?

Truthfully I've been toooooo lazy to update. I cherish longer sleeping hours than pondering over what to write.

*covers mouth* Hohoho.

But now I'm back to give you a SHOCK!




Okeh I admit that was lame.

Anyways I just wanna share my experience in attending my first ever Korean artiste showcase.

Unfortunately it's not BIGBANG. T______T

But the name of the group starts with a "B" too and one of them used to train with the members of BIGBANG so YAY~~

And if there is a questionnaire/survey which has a question like:

which first Korean artiste's concert/showcase/fanmeet have you been to?

i have an answer to that yaaaaaayyy~




i sound like a retard but nevermind.

B2ST, pronounced as BEAST. Go wiki/google/yahoo/whatever cause I dem lazy now.

My, urm, attendance to this showcase was actually an accident. I was not a fan of B2ST to start with. One day I was pondering over whether I should go to Brian Joo's 1st fan meet when a fellow VIP (name given to any BIGBANG fan) and B2ST fan tweet-replied:

I told my sister about it and she freaked out and asked me to help her pre-order the album (you need to preorder the album to get the passes). So the next day while I was in Midvalley I pre-ordered 4 CDs: one for her, one for her friend, one for our cousin and.. MYSELF.

B2ST Shock of the New Era Asia Version

the tag with the pink ribbon is the pass (the stub with my details on it were supposed to be taken by the ticket personnel when we go in the venue, but due to the chaos, i lost my 1/n chance to be serenaded by B2ST T________T)

I didn't know what got into me I just went "oh what the hell just go and enjoy yourselflah since you haven't been to a concert for quite a looooong while"

Like I said earlier, I was not a fan of B2ST to begin with. I like their debut song, Bad Girl though, cos i really like the rap parts and the chorus is sing-along-able and infectious!

amuri sengage *pokes head to left, pokes head to right* (blablabla) Bad Girl~~

Then they released some other songs like the head-turning Mystery (nan jeongmal Mystery, mystery~), Special but Shock was the song that got me, a little bit more interested, because it made me go "oh that cute boy has got a great voice" after watching their live performance on Music Bank.

So, with an open mind. I went.

Arrived at the venue before 3pm where crowd was already filling up the entrance, scrambling for an opportunity to participate in a lucky draw which allowed them to meet the boys themselves.

As usual I was unluckylah.

After that the three of us went to KFC for late lunch/dinner and hung out til around 5pm before lining up with other people.

Waited and waited until 6.30pm, the door had not been opened. Up til, wait 8pm? Nonono, I remembered that I was in the hall at around 8.45pm.

The show was schedule to start at 7pm.

Superlike my sister's fuckla-let-me-inla-weh face here

I ranted on twitter before so I don't feel like ranting here.

But all the troubles being pushed/shoved/screamed disappeared when B2ST appeared a little before 9pm.

Seriously I didn't know what happened to me but I was momentarily star-strucked when I saw them on stage.

Ohmygod I've only seen them on television
Now i'm seeing them live
They look so tall

Why are their skin so nice?
Oh! Junhyung is so good-looking
omyomy Doojoon Doojoon that Doojoon who was with Lee Joon on some episodes of Star Golden Bell

Those were (some of) my thoughts.

Then I went crazy.

I remembered screaming a lot of:

"Junhyung! Junhyung!"
"HyunSeung ah Hyunseung ah! SO-1 SO-1"

They started with B2ST is the BEST, which is sort of an opening track for their album and drove everyone crazy. And when the music for Bad Girl came out, everyone just got SUPERDAMNEXCITED that they sang along.

I was stoned haha because I couldn't believe I was watching them perform it live.

Anyways, pictures ya because I a bit the lazy to say anything more. Camerawomen were Lene and Jesica. I did nothing but enjoyed the show. Haha.

the members (l-r):
Yoon Doojoon (leader of the pack) who was one of the 3 eliminated from a Mnet Hot Blood which led to the debut of 2AM and 2PM
Son Dongwoon the i-don't-look-like-a-Korean maknae (term given to the youngest one in Korea)
cutie pie Yang Yoseob (who you will think is the youngest if you didn't know)
Lee GiKwang (i shall refer him as Kiwi from now onwards) who debuted as solo singer AJ
Jang Hyunseung, formerly a YG trainee, eliminated through BIGBANG documentary which led to the debut of BIGBANG (personally i had watched the documentary and i feel that he improved so much)
and last but not least, Yong Junhyung the badass emo Joker (effing hot) who was part of a group called XING (seriously i've never heard of the group til my sister told me about it)

maknae's smiling happily but Joker's like "whatever" at the side

seriously i think Kiwi looks waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy much better without guyliner

Doojoon's sweat-wiping trilogy:



#3 XD

Kiwi: *scratch scratch*
Doojoon: *fans himself*
Junhyung: *sweat-wiping #1*
(translator in black is very cute!)

Doojoon: OOH! What's that?

Doojoon: sweat-wiping #4
Yoseob and Junhyung: Don't push pleaseeee..

i know Hyunseung I *pouts* at your hair too

Kiwi: ooo what's that on the floor?

Kiwi: OH! now it's over there!

Kiwi: Ouch! Something poked my eye!

Kiwi: nah just kidding! ngehehe

come to me oh oh oh tonight so so crazy

maknae said "I love Malaysia!" before going behind the stage, then Doojoon who already went behind popped out his head and said, "Me too!" wtf so cute wan.


autograph session

Jesica waiting for her turn. She managed to steal a handshake with Kiwi! #4%^$(0@!! (i said steal because handshakes were not allowed, which is a bit unfair because in Singapore they high-fived their fans)

maknae and badass Junhyung. my sister is proud of this picture hahaha

Doojoon and Kiwi Kwang Kwang (sorry i can't help it)

Yoseob yang sungguh comel with the bow tie and pretty boy Hyunseung

Yoseob peeking at Hyunseung's... whatever it was

half-smiling Junhyung OMG so RARE!

and it's time to say goodbye :(

All i can say is, I really enjoyed the show (apart from the whole shit which happened before it). It was unfortunate that there was lack of closer interaction with fans but it was unavoidable since they had to rely on the translators, but at least they did try to speak in English. Especially maknae, who spoke the most English. :)

Would like to thank aedachucky for informing me about this and errr..turning me into a B2ST fan. But i refused to be called a B2UTY okeh?

Now I shall leave you with a practice video of the boys dancing to Shock, uploaded by the choreographer.

NEXT UP: B2ST Autograph Session @ One Utama, June 27, 2010

Disclaimer: the dialogues were all made up by me okeh?


  1. OMG WEEEN I LIKE YOUR POST OMG! Lotsa GOOD CLEAR PICTURE HUUUU ( mine kinda sucks but I manage to get some good fancam, HYUNSEUNG IS SO CLOSE AND HE LOOK AT MY FANCAM). Ok I will stop with caps lock (smack self). OMG but I'm so happy that I'm not the only crazy people who always thought they were good and likeable and endearing and handsome/cute/hot.

    Ok this remind me that my post on the blog is still unfinish huu, must continue to type T.T.

    But since you're a fan, you're a B2uty don't deny it kekkekekk :P

    Ahh I'm so glad that I recommend the showcase to you ^^

  2. :D omg. the photos and the dialogues cracks me out. and brings back the memories. it was one of the most amazing day i ever had. :D i'm really really glad it wasn't cancelled. Funny part was, i started falling for Junhyung on that day. ;P
    and of course, the sweet eye-contact moment with Hyunseung. ;D


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