Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Miss me?

So sorry that I have not been updating, it's not that I'm busy or occupied with anything whatsoever. I just got a bit wee lazy. :P

What's new with me? Well..

I've started working for about a month now, not gonna go into details because I don't feel like talking about my job. It's not sucky or anything, it's been good although it's a different field from what I had done my last 3 or 4 years. But it's all good because I'm learning new stuff. I don't have a hard-to-please supervisor, and my colleagues are a helpful bunch! So yay!

My desk. Got some stuff from Daiso like the stationery holder, Champetre wooden container (gonna buy somemore of this ngehehehe) and the two-drawer beneath it. And also some colourful stick-ons. I SHALL not go to Daiso anytime soon.

Besides that my workplace it's not far from home although I don't like the traffic. Sometimes it can take me up to an hour just to reach home and it's causing me to miss my evening Korean variety shows. Boo.

Anyways, to make this post lively here are some photos at Midvalley Megamall's Pasta Zanmai after watching Ice Kacang Puppy Love (such a sweet movie, I cried a lot!) with my sister, my cousin AND my aunt.

I wrote about Pasta Zanmai before here, but that was in One Utama! Now since it was in MV I must blog about it hohoho!

Let's take a look at the menu, shall we? :)

pasta in wafu (vinegar+soy sauce) dressing

got squid ink pasta, which will stain your teeth! :P

soup pasta

japanese curry with rice and also オムライス (omurice)!

I first came across omurice in the Japanese drama ランチの女王 (Queen of Lunchtime) starring Yuko Takeuchi. Would always end up salivating over the omurice in the drama with its secret demi-glace sauce. Yumyum! Have yet to try this. Must try next time.

the light stuffs: salads and miso soup


deep-fried stuffs (agemono)

some of the appetisers

desserts! never got a chance to try because I would alwayd end up being too full after finishing my dishes

green tea-based drinks

Pasta Zanmai was having a special promotion in April when we went.

April specials menu

House brand sake, which I spiked my Mocha Mocha with

Me and Ika ordered the mini sets which was from the back of the April specials menu. A set consists of 2 dishes which are smaller than their originals.

Guess what they weren't mini!!

My "mini" curry chicken katsu came with a "mini" bowl of vegetables soup pasta.

While Ika took the "mini" unagi rice + "mini" ebi tempura rice combo.

The "mini" unagi rice was actually almost the same size of Chia's unagi rice (normal size) order!

Okay maybe the normal size one had bigger pieces of unagi. But only A LITTLE bit bigger.

Lene with her Aburi Salmon pasta which is a sesame sauce-based pasta

I think I drank more than they did

spiked Mocha Mocha tasted better than original Mocha Mocha


Will try to update more!



  1. i like your new watermark! :D

  2. hehe thank you! :D me like it too!

  3. my mum pulled me into pasta zanmai last time. haha! in sunway.

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