Thursday, April 22, 2010

IKEA decided my future.

Sort of.

I know that sounded ridiculous but it's TRUE!

Had lunch with my colleagues in IKEA on Monday.

IKEA's chicken chop which was nothing to shout about

And ogled at the furnitures there like:

ASPELUND white 2-drawer chest

which made me repeat these words all over in my head

"When I get my pay I will buy this, this, this and this"
"When I get my pay I'll refurnish my room"
"When I get my pay my room will look like this"

I'm sure you get the gist.

When we got back to the office I was called to see one of our bosses and he presented me with an offer to go to Sabah to work.

I was actually excited on the prospect of leaving home, staying on my own plus extra allowance and discovering new places.

I got back home, told my parents about it, and they gave me their blessings.

And I started having doubts.

So many thoughts were running through me head - the possibility of homesickness (cue the years when I was in Terengganu), missing my family, missing my friends (I don't even see them that often now and when I go there how?)

I know I sound like a coward but trust me, I would rather be here for now.

NONO not that I have something against Sabah, I would love to go to Sabah one day it's just that I'm not ready to venture out. Yet.

And so I went to bed pretty much undecided and worried, woke up 3 times during my sleep and had not made any desicion in the morning. (yeah I didn't even get 24hrs to think things thoroughly)

As I drove to work, I saw TWO IKEA lorries. Not at the same time, but a few minutes apart.

Like I freaking saw 2 IKEA lorries on the LDP weh.

That's like a sign right?

I mean if I agreed to go I need to put my plans on hold cos I need to focus on settling down there and spend for a car, furnitures, laptop etcetc.

And I won't be able to buy IKEA stuffs at all! =/ (macam can afford saja but tak salah berangan)

So I went to see my boss again and told him I declined the offer, and walked out feeling great.

Lucky me it was an offer. If it was an order I'll be in KK by Monday definitely.



  1. always remember, ur choice is always the best...^-^

  2. Haha! if u really come to Sabah must tell me ok? and if u really accept the offer, yea, u can never buy ikea stuff. not that you have not enough money, it's because there's no ikea here. =.= LOL! so u made the correct choice!


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