Monday, March 08, 2010

It's OUR day.

And I spent it with a lovely girl (can't say who because erm.. LOL). Bought some stuff (nail polishes & mask from Skinfood) and ate healthy food (smoked salmon quiche and turkey and cheese BLT sandwich at Yogitree).

(oh what a day to celebrate International Women's Day).

The best part is..


Joy to the world, i am so relieved!

Now just gotta wait for the official letter. =)

Anyways, this fella is as cute as a chipmunk so I shall put him here to celebrate the special occassions:

He's a member of a Korean boy group called MBLAQ, under Rain's company J. Tune Entertainment. His sister is Sandara Park, a member of a girl group called 2NE1 which I raved about before here. This is one of the teasers for K. Will's latest single, due to be released on the 10th.

Oh, you can call him Thunder, or Cheon Doong. :) He's cute. I want him as my pet. Can?


  1. wah congratulations!!! everyone is having lots of good news lately. :)

  2. congrats unni!! :D

    aww. Thunder is cute. XD But I love AJ. ;P Can't wait for the mv to be out.

  3. Thanks Feli!

    And dongsaeng ah, gamsahamida! :D

  4. hehe thanks Ee Suan! :D


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