Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010! *rawr*

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

No new year resolutions for me - will just make some up along the way..

Didn't go anywhere for the eve (watched MBC Music Festival and KBS Drama awards instead) and slept early. Although I was actually half-awake/asleep when the fireworks went off! ^^

First day of 2010 my first meal was pork burger from Ninja Joe in Tropicana City Mall!

Mentang-mentang Tiger Year must start with meat pulak.. hohoho


Was with EC and he suggested trying the burgers since we were going for a drink at Bad Ass Coffee after that.

Ninja Joe is a NON-HALAL burger outlet which serves ONLY pork burgers in 6 different sauces. Their burgers are called ninjas so when you order you don't say burger, you say ninja instead i.e. one pork burger = solo ninja, 2 pork burgers = 2 ninjas @ RM9.95, 3 pork burgers = 3 ninjas @ RM12.95 and so on. And add RM3.00 for fries and drink. =D

Cheap eh?

comes in original, oriental, teriyaki, black pepper, spicy and sweet & sour flavours

Oh oh and if your name is Joe (must have proof okay? Don't dumbdumb go and simply say your name is Joe when your name is Alvin or Simon or Theodore) you get RM1 off! :D

burgers for snacking! 2 ninjas for RM9.95

I must say they're not bad, for someone who hardly eat pork, they pork patty tastes something like the char siew pao filling without the char siew sauce.

I hope you get what I mean.

But they're not huge, I must warn you! It's a little smaller that McD's Fillet-O-Fish and to get fully satisfied at least 2 ninjas must be consumed. Unless you have bottomless pit as your stomach then you might need 3. Or 4. Or maybe 5 or 6?


But if you want to enjoy pork burger without overstuffing yourself, please feel free to try. It's located at LG floor (same floor as Carrefour), near to Eat N Run and Kushi Q.

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