Monday, December 28, 2009

On the last Sunday of 2009..

I thought I ought to continue from the previous post hence this post.

Ohmygosh yesterday was the last Sunday of 2009 didyouallnoticeornot?

2009 is gonna end soon!

And I have no plans whatsoever to celebrate the coming 2010 but:

a) I do not want to get stuck in a jam/crowd somewhere for hours just to watch some fireworks
b) I do not want to get drunk/go for a drinking session
c) I would love to have some Baskin Robbins!
v(^O^) and hang out and home (IknowI'msuchaboringgirlsoshaddap)

Anyways, on the last Sunday of 2009,
- I had some relatives over at my place
- took my cousins and uncle to Sunway Pyramid, so many people that it took 45minutes to find parking

- lusted over a RM400-something tote from Playboy Style store
- ate Hokey Pokey ice-cream from Baskin Robbins
- rushed home to bring all my visiting relatives to a cousin's house (and to pick up my sisters)
- and urm.. ate pulut kuning.


That's my update! =D

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