Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the second last Sunday of 2009..

I found a Korean restaurant in Tropicana City Mall!


Went there to watch The Princess and the Frog to please my youngest sister (she wanted to watch Zombieland but confirm we cannot bring her in even if we tried) and thought of eating in Sushi Tei since I have RM50 voucher courtesy of EC.

But while walking around we saw a Korean restaurant and decided to go.. Korean!


I'm sure everybody knows that I like Korean food as much as I like Japanese. And I love kimchi, a dish which does not goes down well with everyone, especially when he/she does not like fermented stuff.

And I always salivate looking at the food in Korean shows like Family Outing, 2 Days 1 Night etc. cos they all look so yummy! And the people look so happy/satisfied eating! =P

The name of the restaurant is simple to remember - Kimchi! LOL. It's situated opposite Borders, beside Otak-otak Place and same row as Pho Hoa.

We proved that we were really passionate about Korean food by ignoring the fact that it was almost empty - only a table was occupied. However we went ahead and yay, we made a good decision.

So here are food photos and not much descriptions!

we are all related, you just have to guess how

only 6 side dishes though *sobsob* but they are all refillable


ChiaChia and her sizzling beef dish. The beef strips were sooooooooooo soft they melt in your mouth!

Lene and her kimchi bokum bab, which is actually kimchi beef fried rice (got chicken too!)

Christine and her kimchi iljikeh (not jiggae meh? anyways it you can choose chicken, beef or seafood) which is just superb and spicy! I love!

Ika and her dolsot beef bim bab, tasty but tasted better when eaten with the kimchi side dish

me and dwen jang iljikeh, some seafood and tofu soup, which was good, but cannot compete with the kimchi jiggae!

They have some seasoned/marinated meat (beef and chicken but I didn't see any pork) for BBQ and they are around RM60 like that. I think the pricing is quite alright since our total bill came up to RM130 (including the service charge but no 5% tax!). I assume that this place is halal since their waiters are mostly Malays (I think!).

Will definitely go back there to try their BBQ stuff.



  1. IT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS!!! xDD Yup, going to try it's BBQ!!! =)

  2. heyy i went there once too. had the bbq beef. yummerZ! but pricey.. not surprising...

  3. ween!!! this is so MENAREK!!!! definitely will try this!
    ps : i never been to tropicana mall.. haha!

  4. Ee Suan: Yeah! make sure you go try!

    Selene: Really? I think most BBQ stuff in Korean restaurants are expensivela.. but I think if go in a group it's okay!

    Mai: Aiks, tak pernah pergi TCM? Maybe we should go together one day! :D


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