Monday, December 21, 2009

All I want for Christmas is..

Okay scratch the word 'is' from the title and replace it with are.


I don't celebrate Christmas but I think I shouldn't be denied from having a Christmas wishlist kan?

So here goes!

What: Canon PowerShot S90 (whylar is it only in black? =/)

pic from Canon Malaysia

Why: You all know I like taking photos of foods and random pretty stuff right? And I would like to take photos of me and my friends, cause I realised we don't usually take photos that much.

What: Sneakers/Shoes

2NE1 Fila shoes! I like the colourful one especially, but I don't mind owning all! LOL! (pic from VIP CLUB)

2NE1 Fila F-21 Mid shoes! I like the white-pink-blue-yellow-black one! (pic from VIP CLUB)

Air Force 1 '07 - Berlin net/white-laser blue-volt (pic from

..and many others not shown here. LOL.
Why: I really really need a pair of sneakers, enough said.

What: iPod Touch or iPod Nano. Maybe. I just need an mp3/mp4 player.

iPod Touch! (pic from: thehottestgadgets)

Why: My laptop cannot hold anymore of my expanding list of songs!

What: A nice tote bag, medium-/large-sized, something that I can fit my water bottle, sweater, wallet, nonsense in
Why: Cause my orange Cleef bag from Jusco is shedding its skin. T____T

What: A digital watch
Why: Urm. My initial argument is for sports-purposes, but I can't recall the last time I played any sport. Okay okay for jogging. Or long-distance running. I saw a few cheapo ones in Jalan TAR, but hmm.. maybe I should invest in a good one.

What: A nice long wallet. I think I want a Coach wallet instead of a Coach handbag.

Coach Penelope Signature Lurex Checkbook wallet in brass-gold-gold (photo from Coach)

Why: Just for kicks. Nolah, my current red one from Cats Whiskers ada problem sikit *curses faulty zip*, tapi still can be used not using anymore. Heehee. I just bought a small wallet at RM30 from SOGO! Regret didn't buy the long one as well cause it's almost the same price.

What: Shiseido MAQuillAGE make-up
Why: Urm. No particular reason. Just to add to my collection. LOL.

What: Some Street Fighter games for XBOX

pic from

Why: Because I miss Street Fighter. My brother damn potonglah go and sell off the PS2 (my favourite Marvel VS Capcom 2 game I miss yoooooouuuuuu~). I told him to buy for me. Boleh?

What: Vouchers from Borders/Kinokuniya/MPH/Times
Why: I read a lot. Don't you know that? And books are expensive nowadayslah. *sobs*

What: Meal vouchers.
Why: As you can see from my body I like to eat. *supershameless mode*

If you (whoever you are LOL) don't feel like going any of them above, can always get me cash. Or shopping vouchers. Habis cerita.


Christmas is 4 days away, so

What is on YOUR Christmas list?


  1. i've a pair of 2NE1 Fila F-21 Mid shoes to let go,second hand,size maybe in 6 and a half o 7 in uk size,prize will be around rm50-60,interested?can call me,01129396420,syamil

  2. the colour is the one that have pink,yellow,some blue and white


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