Thursday, December 17, 2009

My short trip

Harlow I'm back from my Kemaman trip (yes eberibadee knows that already lol)!

Cherating was great - water was clean, good weather (although it drizzled at night and on the last morning we were there) but the sandfly bites are superhorrible that all of us are still suffering from them.


I can imagine Selene or Pak Wan or Wenzy going, "NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't scratch!! *whack hands*"

I know they sayang me. Hee.

Oh well there's nothing much to write so here are some photos (I omitted camwhore photos for everyone's benefits):

Eh wait eh wait forgot to tell you all how the assessment for my job went.

It was... good. I'm not so confident I'll pass though, if the results are based on the 2.4km run then I can officially kiss my chance for an interview BYE BYE.

I took 20 minutes to complete 2.4km and was put under category D.



Oh well. Whateverlah.

Photos taken by a Micky Yoochun fan!

the Kuantan river. we stopped in Kuantan for lunch - on the way to & from Kemaman

We stayed in Chreating Inn beach resort, took two chalets which are connected to one another with a door! Each airconditioned chalet has a bathroom (with heater), a cupboard, a table, chairs, fridge and TWO QUEEN-SIZED beds!

Sorry tak teringat ambil gambar chalets.

snacking straightaway after waking up from my evening nap

damages done (not by me though!)

drunken culprit!

dog-monkey love

collected some shells to be brought back and mom caught three crabs!

Wanted to bring them back (I even thought of putting them in that little aquarium we have, it would be so cool to have crabs as pets) but dad was against them, saying they'll just die and stink so he went and freed everything.

byebye crabbies *sobsob*

My sister commented, "Mama tangkap, papa lepas."

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