Friday, December 11, 2009

I Don't Care eh eh eh eh eh

I managed to sell off five of my Japanese magazines which I had been advertising since 2 years ago to 2 girls - one is a fan of UVERworld while the other is a fan of Orange Range.

Both girls have gotten magazines and I am very happy that the magazines go to people who wants them instead of me having to sell them off to old newspaper men.


There are still a lot available though. (=__=)

* * *

G-Dragon's Shine A Light concert was so controversial that YG Entertainment had to issue an apology.

Ouuuuhhh I wish I was there to get controversial with him too.


Oh oh The Leaders performance was awesomelahhhh..
I sangat suka Miss CL.
She is definitely the 'baddest female Seoul City ever had'.

The Leaders: G-Dragon of BIGBANG, Teddy of 1TYM and 2NE1's CL
(creds to:
CL The Baddest Female)

Fancam of CL's part during The Leaders (creds to theygsecret):


* * *

This is an awesome cover of 2NE1's I Don't Care by 3 male singers!

Now this is the original:

* * *

I'll be in Kemaman for the weekend so hope you all will have a great one too!



  1. I'll try to find another buyer for you xD

  2. haha~ Fang here~ I sold my orange range to the old newspapers guy, though I'm still holding to their concert phamplets for memory sake~ btw, I'm into big bang as well~ I think all the members in this group as really cute, and interesting~! lol~ n I love their songs (ok, I know I'm such a fangirl~ lol!)

  3. Ee Suan: thanks!

    Fang: i'm still debating whether I should sell off Cheese, Butter and Juicymee and Blood Orange. A bit.. sayang.. LOL

    And yay! Hurray for Big Bang! *fangirl mode*


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