Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Firsts of 2010

First purchase of 2010:
a black, short-sleeved shirt and a dark blue dress from kitschen. i applaud myself for getting the shirt at 40% off, but the dress..ohmygod biler nak pakai? anyone getting married soon? =D

First outside food of 2010:
pork burger from Ninja Joe and Bad Ass iced coffee called something Jitters

First shopping complex i visited in 2010:
Tropicana City Mall

First movie(s) of 2010:
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Now. Dr. Parnassus was a little mind-boggling. I think it was the first time I felt bored halfway through a movie before.

Dr. Parnassus with his daughter, Valentina and two assistants are part of a mobile-stage performance act, who goes around town, offering interested audience to go inside a mirror which leads into their imagination. And at the end of their imagination, the participant has to choose between temptation and urh.. what is opposite of temptation? Choose wisely and they'll walk out of the mirror happily (and high), choose wrongly and.. you die?

What actually happens to the people who succumbed to temptations? Do they die?
Why would Dr. Parnassus make bets with the Devil again and again?
Doesn't Valentina remember anything about her father at all in the end? What was Tony's choice actually?

Argh so complicatedddddddddd!!!!

On the other hand Alvin and the Chipmunks is damn cute!

the chipmunks are on a mission to NOT go to school (creds to: teamyeheyblog)

*pyu pyu pyu*

This time, Dave was put into a hospital in Paris after a stage mishap caused by.. who else but Alvin? Since he needed to stay in the hospital to recover, the three chipmunks were handed to his aunt Jackie and cousin Toby (played by Zachary Levi of the TV series Chuck). However, Aunt Jackie was also admitted into the hospital because of the klutzy Toby and thus the chipmunks are taken care by Toby who has nothing better to do all day but play games *pyu pyu pyu*. While waiting for Dave to recover, the chipmunks are admitted into a school were Alvin started hanging out with the jocks and ignoring his brothers.

Meanwhile the female chipmunks called the Chippettes appeared and was signed under Ian to go up against the Chipmunks! =O

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel was better than The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Who can resist the cute chipmunks? Eventhough the storyline was not so good but it was definitely entertaining and fun!

Theodore is the cutest chipmunk among the three. His lovely green eyes, big furry behind (which he often feels insecure about), cccuuutteee voice and how he wants to snuggle up to Dave/Toby when he has nightmares just makes you go " cccuuuuuutttteee"

*pyu pyu pyu*

If only my chipmunks are like him.

*pyu pyu pyu*

First gift of 2010:
4711 Eau de Cologne from Germany

I know it's meant as a Christmas gift but since I received them in 2010, so I shall consider it as a 2010-gift! Thanks Feli!

First fragrance of 2010:
Caroline Herrera 212 Sexy

which comes in a cute 2 small bottles attached to a cylinder! =D Gives out a fruity smell at first but after it evaporates, it tends to smell like Givenchy Simply Irresistable. Hmm. Oh well extra perfume for me so yay!

First funny thing heard from a kid in 2010:
Cikgu, saya nak kucing
said by my little cousin Darren on his first day of taska. I wonder how he can get confused between cat (kucing) and pee (kencing). LOL. Aigo Darren you so kawaii.

First meal cooked in 2010:
nasi goreng tomato

act-chu-el-ly i'm out of ideas already (might update tho).
not only for this post but what else to blog about these days.
oh well.

Ohohoh just now's episode of IRIS on KBS World was the one where T.O.P's character kejam-lycruelly pop the poor girl's head.

Ish why you so kejam must turn her head like that.



  1. lolz can't believe u documented all of that.. haha.. hmm..
    first movie watched: avatar 3d
    ok donno di..

  2. Wei Jie: Happy New Year! ^^

    Selene: ish phail lar you! there's also first kiss of 2010; first screw-up of 2010; first friend i would like to spank in 2010 etcetc just a few examples for you!



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