Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hair issues - there IS hope!

I have thin hair.

I have frizzy hair.

I have thinning hair.

I have wild hair. *rawr*

I have tried many brands of shampoo, conditioner, serum, hair tonic, cream yadayada and yet my hair's condition is still as the above.

As a conclusion me no likey my hair.

But but I have not tried any Kerastase products yet, SOOOOOOO..
that's why I must win this awesome Kerastase set:

Kerastases Hair Care Collection (both photos are from

Isn't this set awesome? What if these babies are the ones to be restoring MY crowning glory? Wouldn't that be great? And and that means I would have found the HG products for my hair!


And I won't have to search anymore!

Don't you want to have a chance of winning too?
Closing date is urm.. TOMORROW (January 8, 2009) bytheway.
which explains this very undetailed, rushed post.

Visit New Year Contest! Win a Complete Kerastase Minis Set for more info!


and Good luck! :D


  1. Good luck Ween! :D You should really try Kerastase in the future for your hair needs :D

  2. Thanks! Will definitely try even if I don't win the contest! =D

    Thanks again for organising!

  3. Woah the Kerastases Hair Care Collection look so....Oh you need to win this! Good luck :)

  4. thanks but they've got a winner already.. =(

    oh well. maybe next time i'll have more luck. hee.


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