Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You are my heaven baby and this ain't one emo post.


Did anybody miss my posts?

I lost my blogging drive... again.

Not sure what to write about these days because not much happening things are happening in my life.

I'm fine, thanks for asking. Still jobless and direction-less. I have an interview next month though, so gotta prepare for that one. Other than that, takde ape-ape sangatlah.

October is the month with the most birthdays in it, I must say.

October 3rd, 2009: 1st ever birthday party for Christine, and also a sort-of farewell party for her and her friends before going off to their respective secondary schools

Starts with my youngest sister, Chi Seng, my cousin Jesica, 4 of my coursemates (Yng Jiun, Yen Lin, Bee Kee and Mun Yee) and then some school friends.

Chi Seng's birthday dinner @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, October 4th, 2009

Then my parents' anniversary also falls in October. I didn't remember until my dad nudged me yesterday.

This Thursday we go out and eat dinner ya?
*confused* Why ar?
Wedding anniversary.. =__=
Don't tell mama anything, just tell her not to cook, k?
WOKEH! *grins*

* * *

I must shamelessly admit that I am a fan of BIGBANG. I couldn't refuse their charms anymore.
*insert vomit sounds here*

I first wrote about them last year, and at that time I could only recognise 2 members: G-Dragon (leader) and T.O.P. G-D appealed most to me and I found T.O.P.'s voice very.. unique.

Yang lain semua tak kenal.

But then hor, all changed after I started watching Family Outing (to see Brian Joo, Rain, Xiah and U-Know at first)- a hilarious show. I started noticing this exceptionally mata-sepet young fella, who is one of the hosts, and when I asked my sister, she said, "He's from BIGBANG!"

And I was like, "Wtf? Serious? Apehal I cannot recognise?" and scrambled to watch Lollipop again.

*gasps and points* Mata sepet guy IS from BIGBANG!

His name is Daesung btw. Then I started finding their albums to listen to and thought that they're not bad. But I still can't put them at the same level as how much I like UVERworld or Orange Rangelah.

My favourite song? Hehehe.. This very emo one called Heaven. They didn't release it as a single but did released a Japanese version, titled My Heaven (first time I saw the video was on [V]).


Anyways, back to BIGBANG another day ya? Because I'm more excited about Hwanhee's teaser!

I am very excited! The song doesn't sound like Fly to the Sky, so.. *shrieks*

And he's so HOT HOT HOT!



  1. omo! I want to try Korean BBQ too. >_<

    eh eh! :D BIG BANG! hahaha. remembered the first time i showed you their LALALA MV, and you were giving this weird look about them. XD and now, ur addicted to them! more than me! XD Idol singers can really be an addiction lor.

    HWANHEE's teaser<3<3<3

  2. yeah i know, i think it was Oh My Friend video. Because I saw G-Dragon as a lunatic and was totally put off. I thought he was a weirdo from outer space. =P

    Anyways, now when I read the translations for Heaven/My Heaven or even Haru Haru, I'll just melt.


    I still want H SOUL.

  3. BIGBANG another day?? NO!!! HAHA!! I STILL WANNA COMMENT ABOUT BIGBANG HERE! LOL! how can u not recognize daesung in FO?? haha... he's sooooo cute in FO!!!!!! i'm not obsessed with him fyi. he just looks so cute whenever he smiles or laughs. *cant see his eyes*

    btw, i still prefer the korean version of my heaven. hehe.

  4. haha.. i never paid attention to BIGBANG members before that's why I couldn't recognise the fella! But yah, he's the only reason why I love watching FO! =D

    i heard the japanese version first, but i think the korean version is better.


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