Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stop me

..when I say, "I'm going to balik kampung!" during Hari Raya holidays.


Left home at 8am a day before Raya because we THOUGHT, ya, we THOUGHT that everyone had gone back the few days before.

Mana tau we were wrong.


A normally 8-hour long journey became a 14/15-hour long journey.

this is the face of someone who wanted to turn back home

So please, stop me next time ya?

And ugly drivers photos time! =D Taken between Bentong and Raub!

Wow! Big buses on the loose!

and the cloud came marching in~

This P driver daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn berani. Extra points for you!

this bus driver.. *sighs* somemore gave me a threathening look when he passed us. Just because I was snapping photos.

It's not like they were the only ones rushing to balik kampung. The cars from the opposite direction had to stay on the emergency lane to avoid colliding with incoming cars.

The commotion only stopped when the traffic police cars and bikes started coming from the opposite direction.

After that it started again.


* * *

Say hello to baby Brian!


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