Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I think I frequent One Utama more than any other malls in PJ.

Was there on Thursday for my parents' 26th anniversary (had a salty dinner in Italiannies), on Saturday to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with my youngest sister and yesterday with Cawan Milo to watch The Ugly Truth.

Basically I'm broke now, eventhough I didn't buy much. And I still need to pay for my new contact lenses (RM120 for 15 days' worth! I should have taken good care of my eyes! So stupid to be watching Youtube using my phone in the dark when I couldn't sleep). And a new pair of glasses. T______T

Ahneewayz, I pretty much enjoyed Cloudy in 3D, way more worth it than UP 3D! I admire Flint's neverending determination to be a great scientist, although he screwed up almost (or all?) of his inventions. But he's damn creative I must say! I want a make-food-using-H20 machine too! Provided the mutation problems be solved firstlah.

My favourite food falling from the sky in the movie?
Giant pancake with a slab of butter and then syrup.

*starts singing BIGBANG's Heaven*
Neoreul saranghae~
Neoreul bureu~

Tiba-tiba (Suddenly) feel like eating meatballs. (IKEA here I come! Unless anyone can suggest me another place for good meatballs and please don't say Italiannies)

The Ugly Truth wasn't bad either. I love it when Abby (Katherine Heigl) goes all superduperexcited when she was happy about something.
Macam budak sekolah.
I think I'm like that too.

But I have to disagree with Mike (Gerard Butler)'s opinion that all guys are the same - I believe that there are innocent guys out there.

Or was I just led to believe that there are? :P

* * *

I haven't been writing about food much, have I?
I guess I didn't really have much time to do so, and at times I would pass taking photos of food when I'm out in a big groups - scared I'll annoy people, so I'd rather do it when I'm out with one or two people.

But there are still possibilites of annoying them though. Sorry peeps!

What I had on Saturday:

Breakfast @ Waffle World, One Utama

Waffles+Banana+Ice-cream+Caramel sauce = happiness
I didn't like the Cafe Mocha though. Really out.
The potato croquettes is not bad, but I would be happier if they were stuffed with some bits of meat.

After-movie lunch was at Sushi Zanmai (i miss sungguh!) but I wasn't so hungry. So we didn't eat much!

Salmon and Tobikko sushi

Sashimi salad with wafu dressing

a close-up on the salad. there's slices of squids, few bits of tuna and salmon

can see? good for those who wants to be healthy and eat light!

Mini California Maki

Calpis Shake and Iced Lemon Tea

I was interested to try Calpis after Feli's friend, Joyce said it's AWESOME, although she wasn't able to explain the taste. I wanted to see its AWESOME-ness too so I ordered and.. I need to try Calpis in its original form before I can further comment. It tasted weird by the way, but not weird in a sense that you wouldn't want to drink it again, neither want to order it again. I don't know how to say alsolah. Hehe. I get what Joyce meant now.

Gonna post on Pasta Zanmai with Selene another day! So sleepy~

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