Thursday, September 03, 2009

To cut or not to cut.

I feel like getting a haircut.

A short one like I had end of last year.

Something very cool, but I'm not sure it'll look cool on me.

Something like Rain (Bi)'s Rainism look:

dem stylo lah this fella

Or either Hwanhee's OR Brian's hairstyles from here:

*creds to

But it's a bit long so maybe something like this:

*creds to

I kinda like these too:

Sienna Miller!

(both photos from A Short Hairstyles)

Btw, I really like Hugo BOSS Orange fragrance advert! I find Sienna Miller very cute and pweetty (pretty) in it! =D A very fun advert I must say, just her fooling around happily~

* * *

I like these wedding photos of HwanYobi (Hwanhee + Hwayobi, Dog Poop, Same-age-R&B) couple, which were taken on their 100th day as husband and wife for the Korean entertainment show, We Got married, where celebrities are paired up as husbands and wives and try to live with one another.


Gosh I really like the photos! I want my wedding photos to be like these (have yet to see Marco's and Son Dambi's photos though. I bet they're good too!)! More photos here.

*Note: Hwanhee's hairstyle is taken into consideration. =D

After the photoshoot, their mission was to create a couple song and they managed to come up with something good, with hilarious (short though) lyrics! The music is from the song called Light Love, off Fly to the Sky's No Limitations album. Heehee.

Dog Poop Couple Song, by Hwanhee and Hwayobi

Despite the hilarious lyrics, Hwanhee still managed to keep his cool while Yobi looked like she was gonna burst out laughing anytime!


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  1. owh owh! nice hair cut! i wanna cut too. >_<

    hwanhee and hwayobi are hilarious! XD


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