Friday, September 04, 2009

I think I will cut.

Continuing from yesterday's post.

Found another hairstyle that I want to try!

Was watching Music Bank with sisters and Feli when Brown Eyed Girls appeared alongside Kara and I remembered thinking that, "Man, that girl with the short hair looks HOT!"

the girl is Ga-In, 3rd from left

I really like her short hairstyle!

nice hor nice hor nice hor?

so hot so hot!

Here's the MV for Brown Eyed Girls' Abacadabra (my what a mouthful):

This song is entertaining, although I'm not that fond of the video. Not so much of a supporter of girls showing too much skin and being overly sexy in videos. But maybe that's the concept of this song. Whateverlah. They're pretty anyways.

Cut! Cut! Cut!


  1. That is seriously one hot haircut! First time i saw the mv, i wanted to have that haircut too. >_< she's damn hot. love her legs too. and her skin.

  2. i like this song too!!!!!!

    they look sexier now la.. and theres a part in the video which will make u go like "eeuuuuwwwww!!"

  3. apparently the hair is fake! (a WIG!!!)

    patutlah so nice... :(


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