Monday, August 31, 2009

Selamat Hari Merdeka yang ke-52.

My father turned 2 years old 3 months after Tanah Melayu gained its independence.
How was your Merdeka Day? What did you do today? Did you enjoy yourself by relaxing at home? Or go out shopping since it's the last day of the Malaysian Mega Sale? Or were you somewhere near the Parliment building this morning?

Doesn't matter what you did or where you were, I hope you had a great day since it's a public holiday! =D

I went to an aunt's place in Puchong, where another aunt from Malacca came down with a pot of nasi kerabu and several containers of condiments and chocolate cake. My young cousins were all there and I really had fun chit-chatting with them while they tried (but failed) to pry into my private life.

What a curious bunch they were.

Food was good - overdosed on nasi kerabu and roti jala. The roti jala was actually cooked by my aunt's Malay close friend, who was there even while we eat and she was puasa-ing! Aparrently she helps my aunt to cook and take care of my little beautiful cousins (when they grow up they are gonna be a bunch of hotties!) Quite amazed by how close she is to my aunt, my aunt's children listens to her and often begs her to cook food for them!

There was once when my aunt's mother was in the hospital, she actually took turns with my aunt to take care of my grandaunt. Even her husband and children are close with my aunt's family! When I met her two sons, they even came and salam-ed with me and my cousins (eh suddenly I feel so old).

Just like my aunt, I'm quite happy with my Chinese, Malay and Indian friends. I made friends with some Siamese too while in NS! This is the best thing about being a Malaysian.

Friends with no boundaries.

And the awesome food.

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

* * *

I feel so sorry for my cousin. She's only 12 and she has a hearing problem and needs to wear hearing aids. It seems that she lost 50% of her hearing on both ears.

So young and she has to go through this.

Why didn't we notice it earlier? Why didn't we do something when she always go "Huh?" or just smiled when we said something? Or wondered why she always spoke loudly?

I so hope there is a corrective surgery for her ears.

I hope she'll do well in UPSR.

I hope Christine will do well in UPSR too.

* * *

I'm in love with Coach bags.

Especially the ones in the Poppy Collection. (refer to September 2009's CLEO, Front Row on page 86)

Don't think I can afford any of them though. ='(

(Some) that caught my eye:


Patent Large Spotlight

Patent Starlet

* photos are from Coach: Poppy Bags

Saya mahu. Huhuhuhu.

*starts saving RM5/day*


  1. mega sale over dy! save up for the next one! lol

  2. Feli: Hohoho! How to save.. not much income.. Boohoohoo.. ='(


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