Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Angel

The first Korean song that I heard was by Fly to the Sky (Brian I love yyoooouuu! *muaks*), titled Missing You (every day every night I am missing yooooouuuuu...). I really like the two dudes. They are like the Korean version of Chemistry, another awesome duo from Japan.

I just love Brian's and Fanny's voices. Fanny's deep, very.. manly while Brian's sweeps me off my feet! Both give me goosebumps. Especially when they tarik.


Anyways, a bit bored so will post one video of my favourite songs from them, which stars Aoi Miyazaki (NANA; ただ、君を愛してる). Such a sad video.


My Angel - Fly to the Sky

Faster somebody stop me before I start 'investing' on them!


oh well why not since they're both not going to be singing together anymore.


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  1. WOOHOO! FTTS rocks! :D
    don't stop, don't stop! Be their fan! XD


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