Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awakened at eve.

Went for my 2nd (and supposedly final) interview with a company yesterday. Since it was my first serious interview, I was quite under-prepared, compared to other candidates. One guy even brought this one whole stack of photocopied certs together with his CV (thicker than my thesis!), while I brought only a few photocopied ones, and a bunch of real certificates, which were arranged like, half an hour BEFORE the interview.

But I had to wait for 1 and a half hour before my turn came.

Oh well we'll find out about the result next week. Get it or not, I don't care. More concerned about my PTD result. Would love to find out how horribly I did. Haha.

* * *

Anyways, haven't listened to AwakEVE yet.

the cover of the regular version

the cover of the limited version which comes with a DVD

I'm not sure whether I'm anticipating something different or hoping that it sticks to their style of music.

Free time only listenla.

Headache want to sleep.

Pai (bye)!

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