Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Akhirnya sampai.

After more than 3 weeks, I finally received my convocation photos! Was quite worried that they would end up getting lost after seeing a coursemate putting his on Facebook a week ago while mine haven't arrived.

Thankfully, today I received a call from Mr. Postman to check whether anyone was at home to receive the package.

I'm not sure if I like the end result of the photos. Either the photographer zoomed too much while taking the photos or the photos developed were enlarged not according to the pixels.


Oh well.

I fucking hate my fucking posture. *whacks own back*

I should have hired a professional make-up artist. OR asked Kristen to make me up. OR they should have photoshopped nicer mah.

Hmmph. Tak apalah.

Some other additional photos that were taken from other people's camera:

this must be from Yng Jiun's camera! Yen Lin, 私 and Yng Jiun.

Baanu, me, Yen Lin and San San.


(am enjoying watching Korean shows on Youtube with Fly to the Sky in them)

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  1. HAha. You look awesome lar! :D
    Wait, I didnt see this pictures yet? *search in YOUR room*

    hahaha. Seriously, when you start watching Korean's hard to stop wey. Go watch FAMILY OUTING! Brian is in it i think episode 3 and 4. I haven't watch it yet though. ;P

    Btw, Nice new layout! XD


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