Saturday, August 29, 2009

I didn't know that clouds made babies.

Or puppies, kittens, baby alligator, baby porcupine, baby ram, baby shark OR American football body protector and helmet.

Before you start saying I'm nuts or anything please go and watch the latest Disney's and Pixar's animation, UP.

The short movie before the real movie actually started is really cute and sweet. I really admire the stork's loyalty towards the cloud, eventhough it (the cloud) had been producing funny, dangerous baby animals for it (the stork) to deliver.

So cute. I like.

UP was indeed a good movie. It stayed true to Disney's magical themes, although some things did not make sense in that movie. However I was quite disappointed with the 3D animation. I think watching it in the normal form is sufficient. I actually enjoyed watching the 3D animations of the trailers!

Coming soon: Cloudy with A Touch of Meatballs (i think that's the title), A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey as Scrooge!) and G-Force.

UP provided a lot of laughters, and there are some scenes that might tear you out so beware! I can't really recall much what made me laugh, but there is this line I can never get off my mind, said by little Ellie: (Paradise Falls) is in South America. It's like America, but SOUTH.
Hahaha. So cutelar.


* * *

Had breakfast in delicious before the movie. It's been a while since I last posted something on food, so I guess it's a nice change.

This time the hot mocha was a bit disappointing. I don't know why. But the almond biscotti was nice! Yay!

Ordered for Christine the organic eggs (scrambled) with hash browns and homemade baked beans for sides. The eggs weren't salty enough for her. (=_=!!) Me likey the baked beans!

I didn't know why I ordered this because the first time I had it I didn't like it because it was too cakey as a French toast. But then, this time it was good! The sad thing was the toasts got smaller - usually it's the normal Gardenia/High 5/whatever brand square size, but now.. *sighs* Luckily the maintained the thickness! If not.. I don't knowlah.

Anyways, we had a filling breakfast! If only the price was not as 'filling' as well.. *checks at thinning wallet*

* * *

Going to temple tomorrow morning! *good girl mode* Mother made pulut kuning (yellow glutinous rice), sweetened coconut flesh and chicken curry to be brought as offerings to the monks.

Just some sort of a small-scale celebration of my graduation.

And also for my sisters' smooth journeys in their examinations.


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