Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's put them in numbers.

1. I can call myself an aunt with the arrival of my cousin's baby boy (on his birthday somemore), tentatively named Teyun Brian. Or Bryan. Currently Chinese name-less.

2. Was in Penang for my cousin's convocation in USM. Damn. The pesta konvo more happening than my uni's. Like pasar malam. So much food!

3. Went up to Cameron Highlands straight after Penang. Mother went nuts and bought RM85 worth of veges from this very hebat auntie. Bought around 1.5kg strawberries which are mostly sour. =(

4. Went Ipoh for ngar choy kai/taugeh chicken dinner on Sunday.

5. Went for my first ever interview on Tuesday, which turned out.. alright? Not sure how stumbling with my words made the interview alright.

6. Will not be free on the 19th and 20th of September 2009. Wedding! =D

Not mine btw.


7. (can't believe I forgot about this) I successfully drove a manual car from USM to Chowrasta Market! What an achievement! Whheee!~

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