Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bila terlebih rajin...

Anda mungkin akan menjadi seperti saya! (You might be like me!)

I spent Saturday washing my make-up brushes since I was rajin (hardworking). And also tidied up my room (I accidently typed 'toom' before this).

Nola I was just damn FREE.

* * *

Painted my nails because I was rajin.

Ack! So sorry for the dracula-ish photo. Come come I show you a nicer one. =)

Nice hor? Nice or not? My friends all said nice! *insert your vomits here*

Actually they also mentioned that I was too free. T__T

I used:

  • Maybelline Salon Secret in 2 Passionate Red
  • Maybelline COLORAMA in 8 Pink Baby Doll
  • Candyvess Cosmetics NO2175 (the black one)

  • Basically I painted my whole nails with Passionate Red (one coat only, but doesn't harm painting another layer if you're planning to keep them on longer) and I must say I really like the Salon Secret nail polishes line. The curved brush really rocks! Must buy more! And I hope they didn't/don't discontinue it or anything because I bought it for RM5 at the L'oreal Warehouse Sale! And then I painted around 1/4 or 1/2 of a nail with the black, before layering with Pink Baby Doll. =D So senang hor?

    I was also rajin to paint my toenails.

    Ini saya guna (this I used):

  • Candyvess Cosmetics NO2175
  • Silkygirl Ever Glossy in Pearl White (agh it's not supposed to be blue!)
  • Bloop (a goldish colour, couldn't find it's name/number but it does have 'H191' at the bottom) =P

  • Painted the whole nail with black, and then painted half with the Pearl White for about two layers. Then lightly painted the gold at the boundaries between the two.

    I so damn free.

    * * *

    Sundays are mask days! So for this weekend I used this free sample from Skinfood which I obtained..hurm.. last year?


    The texture is very.. SUGARY!

    Smells a little bit like Sarsi. Upon applying to your face it heats up a little bit, but doesn't sting. I used it after my Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub, not knowing I would end up double-scrubbing my face! *prays hard that face will not suffer* I didn't rinse off immediately - let my skin soak up the goodness!

    After washing off, my skin does feel very soft. I like this! So might purchase it and alternately use this on weekends. Without pre-scrubbing of course.

    * * *


    I damn terlebih rajin hor?

    Say yes!

    . . . . .

    Nola, I'm too damn free already.

    I guess I'll be good and prepare myself for PTD M41 exam for the next 5 days.



    1. LOL at Angeline!! haha. Your nails remind me of Alice in Twilight. ;) Got the feel. The gothic feel. Nice!!!

    2. how come everyone is painting their nails like that nowadays? my sis too!

      why are you sitting for exams? O_o

    3. Kristen: Hehe.. Thanks! Although I didn't mean for them to have gothic feel. Just simply whack only. :P

      Feli:Maybe your sis is too free already! Haha..
      And oh, I'm sitting for exam bcos SPA 'invited' me to. Hohoho. Or I made myself invited.


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