Monday, August 03, 2009

Dengan kuasa bulan, akan menghukum anda!

As I was cleaning one of my drawers to my studying table, I stumbled across this treasure:

Pikachu can read! *peeekkkaaaaa...PEE!*

I unfolded this little envelopish thingie, revealing some goodies!

isn't that.. a Pegasus?

Turned out to be my (small) stack of Sailormoon cards!


I used to be a big fan of Sailormoon. I read the Malay translation of the manga, until the end (if not mistaken, Volume 19), where Usagi married..hurm..what's the name of the Tuxedo Mask fella?


I'm not sure of their values now

Anyways, I remembered that Vitacare pharmacy near Giant Supermarket used to have this card-vending machine, where it dispensed various cards - the popular ones that time being Dragonball and Sailormoon.

the main character, Sailormoon. when she's not a heroine, she's a rabbit. Okeh that was lame. Her name is Usagi Tsukino. Usagi = rabbit = geddit? That's why the artist sometimes drew a rabbit to represent her in small balloon dialogues.

So everytime I had the opportunity to follow my mom to Giant, I would run off to Vitacare to buy the cards, slotting in my allowance. I think they were about 50 cents to RM1. Pretty sure that they were RM1, cos the gold coins were sure heavy at that time.

my favourite card. i think she looks really beautiful after upgrading in Sailormoon SuperS. And when she was Princess/Queen Serenity.

No doubt my favourite was Sailormoon. Although initially I detested her because she was very stubborn, stupid and just annoying. But after her transformation she's just damn cool!

the smart one, Sailormercury

I also liked Sailormercury since she was the smart one, excelling in class and being fantastic in whatever she did. She was also graceful. =P Then there's Sailormars, who took care of a temple - fiery and dark. Sailorjupiter always gave me an impression that she was a housewifey kind. =P Sailorvenus was the first sailor to appear, saving the community behind a mask alongside Artemis.


And then Sailorchibimoon appeared into the series and she was the product of King Edmund and Queen Serenity. Apparently she ran away from the future because she did something wrong. I think.

Ugh I have to find the comics back!

Then more characters appeared: Sailorsaturn, Sailorpluto (very graceful), Pegasus and the trio Sailorstarlights and the storyline got complicated and yet still amazing! I remember the horror of one of the Sailorstarlights was a guy if he's not in sailor mode. I think I have to rectify that. Was too young to bother investigating the whys. Everything was just too magical and I always berangan that I'm Sailormoon. Even tried to make my fringe become like hers. And the costumes are so adorable and pretty!


cute little bookmarks I got from my aunts

However, I never got around to watch the anime although it was aired on TV. Watching the anime did not give me the same thrilling satisfaction as reading the manga (especially when it was subbed in Malay). It's also the same with Detective Conan (or known as Case Closed in English) and Dragonball. Prefer reading and admiring the artwork on paper instead of the screen.

And no, I'm not interested in watching the live action ones. It's just... Weirdlah!

I guess I really have to hunt down for the manga. Must be hidden alongside Doraemon.

sesated among the sailors

Now hands up who was just like me?

I mean in liking Sailormoon lah.


  1. ween! same la i pun collect the cards. esp sailormoon ng dragonball. same mcm sumer yg u cakap lah! hahaha beli kat vitacare giant and dekat rent n read kat ss5. omg its freaking rm1!! rm1 tu banyak kot! huu have u ever count bape byk kad u ade n discover how much u actually spend utk kad2 tak gune tu. huuuuu i rase mmbazir ble pk balik skrg. haha but not for the comics tho ;p

    n im feeling the same way. i lagi puas bace komik dr tgk anime. different feeling lah!

    dats why i dun watch anime of the comics i read, n i dun read the animes that i watched.

  2. Me me me!!! LOL!! but i dont really collect cards. I COLLECT STICKERS!!! damn banyak tu!!! now dunno go where dy. Even the sticker book cover also sailormoon. =.= i bought their comic books too and their anime video tapes. LOL!!!! so gila la last time.....


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