Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bundle of joy

Remember this girl?

you all weemember me wight?

She's not the youngest child of her parents anymore!

Haha.. The horror! I can just imagine her either adoring+loving her new baby sis OR bullying-but-loving her new baby sister!


Congratulations to Aunt Vipha and Uncle Somnuk for the arrival of their 4th child!

I'm sure she'll be as good-looking as the others (when they grow up ohmygawd the parents will sure have problems with a lot of admirers wan). And I bet she'll be groomed with special classes as well! Currently the leader of the pack is the only boy, so I think that they are going to have another go after this one grows up so that they'll have another boy!

Good luck then! We are kind of lacking some males on my father's side so I'm all for it!


Oh oh, the funny thing is, before I got the news, I imagined what it would be like if my mother gets pregnant again.


lunch of the day: rice with fish curry packed with brinjal and lady's fingers and fried little salted fishes!

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