Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Young ones nowadays.

My youngest sister brought back 2 friends after her morning activity in school today - 1 fast-mouthed Chinese (Miss C) who speaks good Malay and another one was a Malay (Miss N) who loves to say, "whatever."

I listened to their conversation over nasi lemaks, ranging from iPod Touch, memory cards, "somebody's apartment has spa/swimming pool" and "my next door neighbour has a Ferrari!"

Kids nowadays. =_=

I remember the time when I was in Primary 6. I was the class monitor, and carried my duty as responsibly as I could, even when the cooler girls started teasing me and etc. No matter how much they taunted me, I would just whipped out the chalk and write their names on the blackboard when they were noisy (when the teacher is out of class obviously).

I was not part of the cool gang, nor I was nerdy. I was a good girl though. Yeah, you can vomit all you can.

That time I was into The Moffatts like nobody's business, I attended their concert in Stadium Merdeka in 1999 and their Submodalities showcase in the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre, a year of two after. I was also into the Backstreet Boys, Hanson, etc. and spent a lot of my father's earnings buying cassettes and American mags just to collect posters of my favourite stars. The posters were then kept nicely in a clear folder, which is now hidden somewhere underneath a pile of folders, files, books and magazines.

The current generation doesn't have that many boy band to entertain them nowadays. They have The Jonas Brothers though. But I still think they prefer listening to what the adults are listening. My sister hums to Lady Gaga's Poker Face and likes The Offspring's Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?.

I can't remember the TV shows I would frequently watch at that time apart from any MTV or Billboard US countdown or whatever famous those days. I seriously cannot remember. It's like lost somewhere inside my soft brains. Or I'm just denying the fact that I'm getting old and I can't remember much these days. *alarm bells ringing inside head*

My first crush was when I was in Primary 4, on someone who is 2 years older. I went to the same secondary school as he did (noh I DID NOT STALK HIM whatsoever okay? the flame died down after he left primary school) and yet again, I can't remember who I liked when I was in Standard 6.

Hmmm. Apalah. Really losing my memory.

Anyways, some girls got together with some guys, but I'm not sure how they dated that time. There were also some rumours of some physical activities amongst girls and guys from the worse class (and also from other shools), but I wasn't sure what really happened.

What are the thoughts of the young girls in my house this morning about "love" and boys?

They didn't say much, although Miss C did mention, "Selalunya kan, perempuan Cina akan suka kat lelaki Cina saja, tapi ada sesetengah macam kakak aku dan Wee Vee akan suka kat budak Melayu," and then ranted off about the time when her sister got together with a Malay boy and so on.

She might change her mind in the future.

In short, I wouldn't say I miss my primary school years. They were great memories but nah, don't think I would want to go back there. I would rather relive my high school years.

They were the best school years I ever had!


Eventhough I wasn't doing really great in my studies compared to my friends.

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  1. god,bsb,hanson,moffats, the memory is crashing down on me! haha.we went to the same primary school anyway and i kinda ingat this miss C.haha.


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