Saturday, June 27, 2009


We've all heard of Forever 21, an American clothing store chain which makes (almost) all the girls go weak on the knees, starry-eyed and wallet-empty. I've been into the store (in Malaysia) a couple of times, only managed to get a halter top, a belt and a set of bangles (not at the same time obviously). The store hurts my wallet.

By the way do you know that in the US their things are considered cheap?

I watched some show on AEC where Patty Hou went to LA (or was it NY?) and she went crazy-shopping in Forever 21! She bought some glasses and little pretty things and most of the things were under $10!


Anyways, I'm not here to talk about Forever 21, I'm here to speak on a bunch of Korean girls who had decided to name themselves Twenny-Wann.

Okeh. I deliberately spelled the name of the group wrongly, the group's name is


pronounced as "twenty-one" or if you want to hip-hopsise/reggae it as "twenny-wann" or "to anyone" according to here.

Another product of YG Entertainment besides Big Bang, Se7en (owh hottie hottie), 1TYM and many more (if you all rajin go and wiki YG Entertainment), this group boasts hip-hop, reggae (I wonder what else) and girl power with attitude!

The girls first appear alongside Big Bang in a song titled Lollipop, which is I would say a mixture of happy dance and hip hop! Please watch the VERY COLOURFUL video below and get your eyes burnt out or something due to the excessive use of colours on their clothes.


The four girls then debuted with their first single called FIRE, which is like..hmm.. reggae+hiphop which is a really cool and addictive track! It's currently stuck in my head now and I want to learn the dance moves!

Cool huh?

I like Minzy (the one with the short hair, and she's freaking only 15!!!! I love the way she raps and dances) and CL (damn yeng lehhhh, check out her clothes and very reggae way of rapping). Bom (sang in Big Bang's We Belong Together) is such a cutie and Dara's hot too!

They are different than JYP's Wondergirls though.. But I'm liking 2NE1 better now! I hope to hear their other stuff soon!

Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh

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