Friday, June 26, 2009

Lock me up and throw away the key.

Or tie my hands up whenever I'm in a sale or something.

I went to the L'oreal Warehouse sale in Section 13 today - the last day, on my own at Dataran Hamolda. Somehow it was a miracle that I found out about it. =P Anyways, these were the ones that damaged my bank account:

These weren't the only ones. Also bought some stuff for my mom and sis. And I couldn't find any Vichy stuff! Must have been sold out since today's the last day. I spent RM145. T__T


Anyways I'm sure everyone's heard about Michael Jackson's and Farrah Fawcett's passings. I mean when I woke up in the morning to send my brother to work surprisingly the TV was on, and it was BBC. And I saw

Michael Jackson dies

Of course I was surprised. I didn't know he was sick or anything. And they were debating on who will be his children's next guardian. I know some of his songs, I was never a big fan though (I think I was when I was a toddler). The video of Black or White used to haunt me.


Not freaky meh when his face keeps changing to other people's face???

Anyways I saw this on the way to pick up bro:


Mobile ad for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

The back of the lorry was attached with a screen showing some clips (or trailer) from the movie!

I need to continue reading the books.


  1. wah ween~ mobile ad for harry potter?? cooll~ siap amek gamba tuu.. hehe.. dont think they need the mobile ad.. sure gonna be a hit anyway. hehe..

    and yeah, i do find the video freaky.. hehe

  2. vichy stinks... like... literally.. buchuk!! i wanted it too.. then i saw a tester at guardian and omg i'm not going to spend so much to make my face smelly.

    btw, i spent 360rm on a dermalogica mask & microfoliant after my facial on sunday O.o

    my dompet very pain.


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