Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hanya satu

There is only one me right?

I mean, there's always one of anyone, regardless you are a part of twins, triplets or sextuplets.

Everyone is definitely unique in their own ways right?

Physically, one can has blue eyes, pointed nose, telinga bercuping, mole on the tip on his/her left ear, wide hips, small feet and lots more.

Mentally, one can act like a 5-year old when he/she is actually a 22-year old, can logically think that she does not need another pair of that Charles & Keith bag in another colour, can decide that he should start saving to buy that dream car and etc.

One can not do many things at one time. Multi-tasking is possible, but hey, you can't be at two places at one time hoh?

(please don't start with that scene in A Walk to Remember with me)

One can not be with two different group of friends at one time right? Although one wants to do it very badly, because one knows that only on weekends one can see them.

Come every Friday night, one would twist and turn in her sleep, thinking of which group of friends one should see.

"Should I go see two and three?"
"But I haven't seen four, five and six for a long while.."
"Agh! I have not met eleven and fifteen since 3 years ago! T__T I should make an effort to do so.. *sulks guiltily*"
"ehh.. but I want to go see with eight.. It's been awhile since we went out together, just us only"
"Alamak! Seven and nine
ajak go shopping! How now? I want to go but then.."
"Should bring mom and dad out once in a while

You get the drift. And I bet by now you should know who 'one' is.

Gawsh. I wish there was more than one me so that I can go see ALL of my groups of friends during weekend.

Every weekend I would end up getting so kepala serabut because I'm not sure to go out with who and who. I have different groups of friends who don't hang out with one another, I have friends who are superbusy during weekdays that I very takut to ask them out to hang out on weekends because I want them to rest, I have friends who I meet once in awhile, and I have friends who I hardly keep in touch with but I do want to see them! And plus I want to see EC too since now I only see him on weekends!

(I am not boasting I got a lot of friends or anything ok?)

So what I usually do is bring with me when I see my friends so that I can see both sides (multi-tasking ewwwaaahhh!) but at times I also want to see them without him because:
a) they might not be comfortable with him being there,
b) only girls' day out or
c) aiyah! want to gossiplah!

I practically missed an ex-classmate's wedding last weekend, because I forgot all about it and eventually I broke a promise with someone to go, and the whole week I had already plan with my mom to go out to KL with (i tell you ar, can go crazy walking around Jalan Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, so many shops selling bbbbbbeeaauuutttiifffuuuulllll kain!)

So sorry to everyone!

I still have not found the perfect formula to solve the problem and of course, I don't feel good about it.

Someone once told me, "What for you have so many groups of friends? How many of them will come out when you call them? Sure or not they'll be there for you? Just stick to the ones you trust and value the most, and don't bother about others!"

Because if they are really bothered about you, you won't feel troubled about not seeing them at all. Because you know they're always there for you.

But I'm thankful that come weekends, I would always see someone.

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