Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time to find some nice clothes!

Cos convocation date has been announced on UMT's website. It will be on the 15th-16th of July!

Aiyo..dielordielor what to wear?

Hopefully those dates are confirmed because I need to discuss with my parents on where they want to stay and who's going to follow and my working unimates need to apply for cuti.

Any of my friends want to jalan-jalan in Terengganu?

* * *

Anyways, I went to JPJ to renew my driving lesen today. Wanted to change the address on my licence to the one on my IC. Thought that I didn't have to fill in any form so I just took the number.


So nice number. But I had to wait for around 30-something numbers before my turn. Called up to counter 2, and said, "Renew lesen" and when I asked if I could change my address according to my IC, I was denied!

"Kena isi borang dan ambil nombor lain, cik"

Wtf? Why must waste paper and my time filling in form when they could just update the computer according to my IC? Dahla they waste paper for number distribution, now must isi borang just to tukar address! Not like my address is different than the one in my IC.


My new number was 1238.

Oh. And she didn't update my IC! Ah!

* * *

I'm up for the English-must-pass to get SPM certs. Why not make it compulsory for passes for both English and Malay to get SPM certs?


And excuse me, after 11 years of learning English in school (plus a few years or more in kindergarten or at home), including 2 major examinations before SPM, don't you think there shouldn't be any complaints on how students from rural areas will not be able to cope?

Do you think that they're THAT lousy at English ah? Look down at themlar now? Have faith in your own future generation people!

Come onla, regardless of where you're from, rural or urban areas, if you yourself do not have the initiative or the drive to learn English, or even any language or anything at all, of courselah you won't be successful.

Betul tak?

* * *

I need a job. And suddenly feel like eating durian.

Apalah Selene.


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  1. some people will always complain for the sake of complaining, be it about English or other stuff.

    on the other hand...

    ...i also want durian.


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