Monday, June 08, 2009

Running low.

I've been unemployed for about more than a month already, and yet I have found nothing interesting to pursue. Not many companies caught my interest, or attempted to. I'm not even interested to pursue postgrad education because I know, I would be wasting my time, eventhough I might just end up doing well, just because I enrolled in it.

Anyways, caught some training programmes by this company and was thinking on applying for it since it might help me ignite some passion for working.


I'm running low on financial resources. Unfortunately I had been extorting from my backup savings, which is really, really bad cause I vowed to not use them unless for emergencies.

I don't want to go shopping anymorelah.

Unless I need to.




  1. i oso dowan to shop already.
    come go eat durian this friday.
    i've had the craving for so long.

  2. where? at the buffet place in SS2 there? can dielor like that.. better we go buy and then lepak at someone's house and eat and burp durian together!

  3. nyahakkk!! brilliant idea!
    but friday kenot already larh.. family dinner thingymajig which the boyfriend has agreed to attend whoopie!


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