Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Oh darn it.

Hello everyone.

I'll be good today and update you guys and girls with what I have been doing, and what I usually do.

My daily routine starts with me waking up before 10a.m. (okay, 12pm was the latest, but it only happened once) all sweaty due to the crazy heat. Off to the kitchen to hunt for breakfast before tackling the newspapers: 1 Malay and 3 English. Then I'll have my bath if I really couldn't take the heat and enjoy my daily dose of TV, or more specifically Astro. The schedule goes a little like this:

1200-1230 Chef at Home with Michael Smith (AFC, Channel 703)
1230-1400 Random browsing through channels, lunch included
1400-1500 The Biggest Loser (Hallmark, Channel 702)

And after those, I would end up napping for another 3 or 4 hours depending on the temperature in my room or the number of messages on my mobile phone. Then dinner and more TV! NCIS on Mondays, CSI:NY and CSI: Miami on Tuesdays.

Oh, and I try to catch Keeping Up with the Kardashians once in awhile since I totally dig Khloe's, Kim's and Kourtney's assets..literally.

I do this almost everyday..

When the things that I should be doing is looking up at job advertisements and start applying for jobs. Unfortunately I'm to darn lazy to open my CV document file and update it.

Hmm. Now I have a reason to. Must start unpacking my last two boxes of possessions and find my darn clear folder full of my certs and documents.

* * *

You know what fucking irks me the most about some people?

I hate it when people who are not at all close to me does not bother to give a fucking proper opening such as "Hie, Hello, Angeline.., Hey2 and etc" and uses "Hey..yadayada" instead.

It's fucking rude to use "Hey" as an opening to a message. And it is very different than "Hey2". The latter is friendlier.

So rude.

If you're a VERY good friend then it's alright, but if you're not and you basically don't contact me at all, please use proper openings for messages.

Get it?

The difference between properly educated and improperly educated people i.p.e. (in perfect example) cheaters.

* * *

I am in a dilemma.

At times I feel like I should just say..

Bye Bye.



  1. hug partyyy!!


    and i love chef at home! =)
    he makes me feel like cooking!


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